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Uhlenbrock 68720 Universal Controller

Requirements for operation:
1. Works with Uhlenbrock LocoNet Command Stations - Intellibox Basic, Intellibox II, PIKO Powerbox, Twin Center...
2.  System must be set to pure DCC operation.
3.  Works with any DCC Locomotive decoders.

The DCC digital Universal Control can be employed for many automatic control sequences on a model railway layout and is connected to the digital center via LocoNet. The control can monitor 4 track sections and brake and stop one train per track section. Trains will stop at a red signal - the signal will only go to green if the next section is clear or if manually switched. Every track section is controlled via 3 terminals. One terminal is used per transition section, one for the braking section, and one for the stop section. All sections must be isolated from the rest of the layout. 

In each Universal Control there are 4 occupancy detectors, 4 feedback units, a DCC Brake generator for the 4 track sections, and also an integrated route memory for up to 13 routes with 20 switching instructions. All routes needed for the station control are saved in the module as switching sequences of solenoids and are activated by the module. No additional devices are required for activating the routes.  If you wish you can also trigger routes in the command center.

Fully expandable system

The Universal Control 68720 can be expanded with other Universal Controls 68720 as wished. With the expansion it is possible to control 12 track stations with additional passing loop, or control Block sections with as many Blocks as desired.  You can also integrate the Universal controller with a MARCo or LISSY Automation system.  The Universal Controller can also use the Loco data from MARCo or LISSY to provide more specific loco instruction.

Film 1: Here the Universal Controller is set up to manage a block section system.

Film 2: A more detailed look at the Universal Controller.

Film 3: Universal Controller set to manage a simple storage yard system.

A more detailed look at using the 68720 Universal controllerA more detailed look at using the 68720 Universal controller

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