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Uhlenbrock are a long standing German company who manufacture a large range of DCC digital compliant devices. Their range includes many items that are rarely available in the UK allowing modellers to fully utilise the full range of possibilities offered by DCC. Uhlenbrock Decoders and Control systems are multi-protocol, meaning that they are designed to operate DCC, Selectrix and Marklin Motorola.

Whilst their website is predominantly in German www.uhlenbrock.de  all manuals are available in English – English Manuals

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Control Systems and AccessoriesControl Systems and Accessories
DCC Digital Systems
LocoNet wiring systemLocoNet wiring system

62000A LocoNet Cable Tester
UH62000A62000A LocoNet Cable Tester

Uhlenbrock 62000 LocoNet Cable Tester

  • Recognises short circuits
  • Tests for continuity
  • Recognises crossed cables
  • Testing of single or multiple cables
  • Identify New and Old LocoNet cables (On old LocoNet the cables are reversed)
  • Can also be used for XpressNet and other cables that have RJ11, RJ12 and RJ45 plugs

Contains Cable tester, protective pouch, 9V battery

Uhlenbrock 29011 LED Soffit lamp
UH29011Uhlenbrock 29011 LED Soffit lamp
Uhlenbrock 29011 a pair of LED coach light - modern white, 23mm festoon lamps to replace the conventional bulbs used in  older Roco, Lima and ADE coaches.  (Roco Spare part number 4571S)  12-19v AC or DC.
Uhlenbrock 29012 LED Soffit lamp
UH29012Uhlenbrock 29012 LED Soffit lamp
Uhlenbrock 29012 a pair of LED coach light - warm white, 23mm festoon lamps to replace the conventional bulbs used in  older Roco, Lima and ADE coaches.  (Roco Spare part number 4571S)  12-19v AC or DC.
Uhlenbrock 67900 Motorised model decoder
UH67900Uhlenbrock 67900 Motorised model decoder

Uhlenbrock 67900 Motorised model decoder

This decoder allows you to convert a crane model (for example) to DCC.  Two motors and for additional switchable functions may be controlled with each 67900 decoder - if the model as more than two motors then multiple decoders may be installed.  Rated for loads up to 1A.  Dimensions 52.5 x 32.5 x 11.5mm.  This decoder is used in the 80000 Gantry crane

Uhlenbrock 71800 Energy buffer - provides an uninterupted power supply
UH71800Uhlenbrock 71800 Energy buffer - provides an uninterupted power supply
Uhlenbrock 71800 Energy buffer - provides an uninterupted power supply
The new IntelliDrive Energy Buffer reliably bridges all power interruptions. It will prevent rough running on dirty track or while running over turnouts. Sound decoders will also run without interruption.

Because of built-in intelligence the Energy Buffer can be used with all H0-decoders.

The Energy Buffer sits between the decoder and the locomotive pick ups (effectively the Energy Buffer is spliced into the red and black wires from your chosen Uhlenbrock decoder)

The Loco decoder CV programming is not effected and the parameters of the Energy buffer can also be programmed using CVs
The Energy Buffer has a charging circuit that is controlled by a microprocessor - this prevents the energy buffer from overloading boosters, even if several are in use at the same time.

Size: 20 x 11.5 x 9mm

Uhlenbrock 77100 Intellidrive high power decoder
UH77100Uhlenbrock 77100 Intellidrive high power decoder
Uhlenbrock 77100 Intellidrive Deluxe OO/HO high power decoder
Multi-Protocol decoder 76 420
Designed for older locomotiuves with high power demands or small O gauge. For locomotives with DC motors on digital layouts operating in the DCC- and Motorola data format.  with cables for soldering into a loco.
• Regulated multi-protocol decoder for DCC and Motorola
• Suitable for DC and bell armature motors to 1.8 A  (3 amp peak)
• Quiet motor running by using 18.75 kHz control frequency
• 14, 27, 28, 128 speed steps, depending on data format
• Short addresses (1-127) and long addresses (for 128-9999)
• NMRA compliant
• Adjustable minimum, medium and maximum speeds
• Speed step tables for 14 and 28 speed step mode
• Main track programming (DCC)
• Shunting mode (half speed) toggled using F3
• Starting/brake inertia switched using F4
• Headlights switched using F0, dimmable
• 3 special function outputs , dimmable  rated to 0.4amp.
• With SUSI sound interface (4 pole mini socket) for the connection of sound modules.
• Produces the address identification for the control of the LISSY mini transmitter 68 400
• Reacts to DCC conforming brake signal or brake sections with DC voltage
• Overheating protection
• All outputs are short circuit protected
• Conventional DC or AC operation with automatic change-over to the respective operating mode
• All CV's are programmable with digital devices using DCC and/or Motorola formats
• In DCC layouts, programmable using register, CV direct or PAGE programming
• Updateable using Flash memory
Dimensions: 24 x 20 x 5.4mm

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