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Uhlenbrock 77100 Intellidrive high power decoder
Uhlenbrock 77100 Intellidrive high power decoder

Uhlenbrock 77100 Intellidrive high power decoder

Uhlenbrock 77100 Intellidrive Deluxe OO/HO high power decoder
Multi-Protocol decoder 76 420
Designed for older locomotiuves with high power demands or small O gauge. For locomotives with DC motors on digital layouts operating in the DCC- and Motorola data format.  with cables for soldering into a loco.
• Regulated multi-protocol decoder for DCC and Motorola
• Suitable for DC and bell armature motors to 1.8 A  (3 amp peak)
• Quiet motor running by using 18.75 kHz control frequency
• 14, 27, 28, 128 speed steps, depending on data format
• Short addresses (1-127) and long addresses (for 128-9999)
• NMRA compliant
• Adjustable minimum, medium and maximum speeds
• Speed step tables for 14 and 28 speed step mode
• Main track programming (DCC)
• Shunting mode (half speed) toggled using F3
• Starting/brake inertia switched using F4
• Headlights switched using F0, dimmable
• 3 special function outputs , dimmable  rated to 0.4amp.
• With SUSI sound interface (4 pole mini socket) for the connection of sound modules.
• Produces the address identification for the control of the LISSY mini transmitter 68 400
• Reacts to DCC conforming brake signal or brake sections with DC voltage
• Overheating protection
• All outputs are short circuit protected
• Conventional DC or AC operation with automatic change-over to the respective operating mode
• All CV's are programmable with digital devices using DCC and/or Motorola formats
• In DCC layouts, programmable using register, CV direct or PAGE programming
• Updateable using Flash memory
Dimensions: 24 x 20 x 5.4mm

GTIN: 4033405764204

Our Price: £43.50

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