TT 1:120 scale models

TT scale is the one model scale where UK and European models are directly compatible.

Roco have confidently announced their support for TT and backed this up with the acquisition of the TT track and rolling stock from the German company Kühn Modell & Digital.

There is the potential for significant expansion in TT as it is a blank sheet for manufacturers to produce models that have not been done before.

UK and European TT follow the NEM standards - for the first time there will be full compatibility across all the ranges.

NEM355 and NEM359 regulate the couplings and you can see all of the TT manufacturers bringing their new products into alignment.

With DCC there are Next18 (NEM662) and PluX (NEM658) decoder interfaces with some older models having 6-pin (NEM651).  As in other scales the choice of decoder will depend on space available.

 A rough guide to German Epochs (Eras) years are approximate as it took time for stock to transition into new ownership:

Epoch I 1835-1920 The Railways of the individual States

Epoch II 1920-1948 The National Railway

Epoch III 1949-1965 East and West German Railways

Epoch IV 1965-1990 Computerised numbering scheme

Epoch V 1990-2006 Re-unified railways DB AG formed

Epoch VI 2007-Open Access and adoption of the 12 digit European numbering scheme

Piko 55821 a great DCC system for TT scale:

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Showing 1 - 41 of 41 products

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