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Uhlenbrock 20075 Transformer
UH20075Uhlenbrock 20075 Transformer

Uhlenbrock 20075 Transformer with 12/15 volt, 70VA (4.3Amps) (equivalent to Fleischmann 6812).

Connect the Intellibox II (or Power 4, Intellibox Basic) to the 12 Volt output for N scale. In this way non- NMRA compliant  N scale decoders are not damaged. For bigger scales connect the 15 Volt output to the Intellibox (or Power 4, Intellibox Basic).

Track voltage is 21Volts on the 15volt windings of the 20075 transformer (Brown and Yellow connections)  The track voltage is 17volts when attached to the 12volt windings of the 20075 transformer (Brown and White Connections).  The lower voltage is more suitable for N Gauge layouts.

Uhlenbrock 63200 POWER 2 Booster
UH63200Uhlenbrock 63200 POWER 2 Booster

Uhlenbrock 63200 POWER 2 Booster

The POWER 2 can be used as a 2 amp booster for any system with a LocoNet connection or a Marklin system.   The POWER 2 many also be used as a DCC sytem in its own right in conjuction with a 66200 DAISY hand controller and a suitable 3amp transformer.  You may also connect an IB Switch or Switch Control to control turnouts and signals

Uhlenbrock 63240 Power 4
UH63240Uhlenbrock 63240 Power 4

Uhlenbrock 63240 Power 4 Booster For N and OO/HO

The Power 4 replaces the Power 3 as a high performance, multi-protocol booster.  Multi-protocol means that the Booster can be used for 2-rail and 3-rail layouts for Motorola, mfx,  DCC, Selectrix and FMZ (Fleischmann's old language).  The Power 4 is suitable for installation with Intellibox, Fleischmann Twin Center, Marklin Central Station, Piko Digital, ESU,  DCC systems with Lenz compatible outputs (CDE) such as Lenz LZV100 and Arnold Digital.

  • Power output 3.5Amps
  • Output for reverse loop modules 61080.  One or more 61080 reverse loop modules may be connected
  • LocoNet capable so is also suitable for modular layouts
  • Full overload and short circuit protection
  • Supplied with 2.15m LocoNet cable
  • Switchable to DCC Brake generator.  Depending on the preset delay in the decoders used, the locomotives in the braking section will brake realistically.  As many sections as desired may be attached.
  • When the Power 4 is used with Intellibox II error messages are displayed in plain text on the screen.
  • Configuration by dip switches and LocoNet CV Programming.
  • POWER 4 can be set to supply the RailCom signal.

A 70VA transformer is needed for independant voltage supply (Article 20 070)


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