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RailCom Feedback - MARCoRailCom Feedback - MARCo
Universal controller - DCC Automation for any loco decoderUniversal controller - DCC Automation for any loco decoder

68720 Universal Controller
UH6872068720 Universal Controller68720 Universal controller

The digital Universal Control can be employed for many automatic control sequences on a model railway layout and is connected to the digital center via the LocoNet. The control can monitor 4 track sections and brake and stop one train per track section depending on the signal. Every track section is controlled via 3 terminals. One terminal is used per transition section, one for the braking section, and one for the stop section. All sections must be isolated from the rest of the layout. 

The Universal Control 68720 can be expanded with other Universal Controls 68720 as wished. With the expansion it is possible to control 12 track stations with additional passing loop, or control Block section with as many Blocks as desired. In a Universal Control there are 4 occupancy detectors, 4 feedback units, a DCC Brake generator for the 4 track sections, and also an integrated route buffer for up to 13 routes with 20 switching instructions. All routes needed for the station control are saved in the module as switching sequences of solenoids and are activated by the module. No additional devices are required for activating the routes.

The system will only work with DCC Locomotive decoders.  Motorola, Selectrix and FMZ loco decoders are not supported.

Uhlenbrock 40111 Pack of 10 1N4001 Diodes
UH40111Uhlenbrock 40111 Pack of 10 1N4001 Diodes

Uhlenbrock 40111 Pack of 10 x 1N4001 Diodes

Useful for wiring in Kato Unitrack points to a DCC Accessory decoder or replacing a broken lighting diode

Uhlenbrock 63320 LocoNet Feedback Module
UH63320Uhlenbrock 63320 LocoNet Feedback Module

Uhlenbrock 63320 LocoNet Feedback Module

On a model railway feedback modules give you information about whether a track is occupied or not. That is very useful for a storage yard, for example, because in most cases they are out of sight.

Feedback modules are essential if the model railway is to be automated or controlled with a computer program. The automatic or the program needs the information from feedback modules to decide whether a train is permitted to enter a certain track or which route is to be activated.
All functions in one module!
The feedback module 63320 for 2-rail track provides all functions for digital feedback in a single module: track occupation detection (for 8 track sections), feedback to the center and power monitoring.
The track occupation detector checks whether there is a power load in its track section. That can be a locomotive, a lit wagon or a wagon whose axle was bridged with resistance lacquer (Part No. 40410). If a current of at least 1mA flows in the monitored track section, the section is reported as “occupied”; if no current flows then the section is “vacant”. 
As an additional feature, each of the 8 feedback inputs may be programmed to trigger two solenoid addresses when the 'occupied' signal is sent and another two solenoid addresses when the feedback returns to 'vacant'.  This reaaly helps when organising a marshalling yard or busy station.

Uhlenbrock 68310 LISSY Infrared transmitter
UH68310Uhlenbrock 68310 LISSY Infrared transmitter

Uhlenbrock 68310 LISSY Infrared transmitter

Each vehicle that is to operate with LISSY automation must be fitted with a LISSY infrared transmitter. The transmitter sends addresses within the range 1 to 16382 as well a train category. Four train categories may be programmed to separate your rolling stock according to function – for example high speed trains, regional, suburban and freight. This allows trains to behave differently under LISSY control.

The address and categories are configured using CVs like a DCC decoder.
Dimensions: 13.1 x 7.8 x 1.8mm

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