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The Intellibox II 65100The Intellibox II 65100
DCC Control with two throttles and a large user friendly screen - Control Loco's, Switch points and routes + monitor train detection systems all in one box. There is also a computer interface built in.
Intellibox Basic 65060Intellibox Basic 65060
Mid Level DCC system.
Great value starter system with full DCC function 15v 2Amp
DCC Accessory Switching using the Uhlenbrock SystemDCC Accessory Switching using the Uhlenbrock System
An explanation of control of accessories using Point/Solenoid/turnout addresses
DCC Automation, Track occupation and detection on the Uhlenbrock SystemDCC Automation, Track occupation and detection on the Uhlenbrock System
An explanation of the various systems of feedback that the Intellibox II can use. Voltage detection and RailCom (MARCo)
Track Control Mimic PanelTrack Control Mimic Panel
65410 IB Control II65410 IB Control II
Slave Control unit
DAISY II HandsetDAISY II Handset
Additional LocoNet Throttle
DCC System designed for Computer Control
The IRIS Infrared Control HandsetThe IRIS Infrared Control Handset

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62000A LocoNet Cable Tester
UH62000A62000A LocoNet Cable Tester

Uhlenbrock 62000 LocoNet Cable Tester

  • Recognises short circuits
  • Tests for continuity
  • Recognises crossed cables
  • Testing of single or multiple cables
  • Identify New and Old LocoNet cables (On old LocoNet the cables are reversed)
  • Can also be used for XpressNet and other cables that have RJ11, RJ12 and RJ45 plugs

Contains Cable tester, protective pouch, 9V battery

EU/UK Plug adaptor
2-3 PlugEU/UK Plug adaptor

EU 2 pin to UK 3pin Mains plug adaptor. In Stock

Uhlenbrock 63320 LocoNet Feedback Module
UH63320Uhlenbrock 63320 LocoNet Feedback Module

Uhlenbrock 63320 LocoNet Feedback Module

On a model railway feedback modules give you information about whether a track is occupied or not. That is very useful for a storage yard, for example, because in most cases they are out of sight.

Feedback modules are essential if the model railway is to be automated or controlled with a computer program. The automatic or the program needs the information from feedback modules to decide whether a train is permitted to enter a certain track or which route is to be activated.
All functions in one module!
The feedback module 63320 for 2-rail track provides all functions for digital feedback in a single module: track occupation detection (for 8 track sections), feedback to the center and power monitoring.
The track occupation detector checks whether there is a power load in its track section. That can be a locomotive, a lit wagon or a wagon whose axle was bridged with resistance lacquer (Part No. 40410). If a current of at least 1mA flows in the monitored track section, the section is reported as “occupied”; if no current flows then the section is “vacant”. 
As an additional feature, each of the 8 feedback inputs may be programmed to trigger two solenoid addresses when the 'occupied' signal is sent and another two solenoid addresses when the feedback returns to 'vacant'.  This reaaly helps when organising a marshalling yard or busy station.

Uhlenbrock 63410 LocoNet Switch Module
UH63410Uhlenbrock 63410 LocoNet Switch Module

Uhlenbrock 63410 LocoNet Switch Module

The LocoNet Switch Module is a switch and solenoid decoder that can control up to 10 turnouts or light signals.

Designed for efficient point motors such as Fleischmann, Roco, Marklin, Arnold, Trix....  NOT suitable for inefficient, extremely high power consumption, under board mounted solenoid point motors. Those that draw over 1 Amp in operation.  Check with point motor manufacturer.

  • With 20 switching outputs at 1Amp
  • Each output can be individually configured for momentary operation (Turnouts or Solenoids) or for continuous operation (Lights and Signals)
  • Can control multi-aspect signals
  • Lights may be faded in and dimmed out allowing slow changeover between lighting aspects
  • All outputs may be switched by solenoid commands or feedback instructions
  • 2 independantly adjustable blinker generators make different effects possible. For example; Level crossing lights may use a combination of flashing with fade-in and fade-out to increase their realism. A combination of the two flashing generators could simulate a faulty streetlamp.
  • Configurable via LocoNet CV from the center
  • Addresses in the range 1-2048
  • Separate transformer input to remove driving load from main track transformer.

Recommended transformer 70VA (Article  20 075)   Examples, including films,  of use can be seen on our help pages

Uhlenbrock 66350 DAISY II  additional radio handset
UH66350Uhlenbrock 66350 DAISY II additional radio handset

Uhlenbrock 66350 DAISY II Additional Radio Handset (Expansion to set 64400)

Stock Clearance £153.50 (rrp £235)
The 66350 Daisy II is an additional control handset that connects to the radio master in set 64400.  Up to 20 handsets can connect to the Radio Master.

  • High visibility display with yellow text on a black background
  • Intuative menu navigation
  • supports 9,999 loco addresses
  • 29+ locomotive functions (actually 32,768 are available)
  • 128 routes
  • Locomotive database with name and function symbols transfers from Intellibox II
  • 2048 Solenoid addresses (Points, signals, etc...)
  • Connects to all Intellibox control systems as well as Twin Center and Piko Powerbox

Uhlenbrock 69000 Track Control Basic Set
UH69000Uhlenbrock 69000 Track Control Basic Set

Uhlenbrock 69000 Track Control Basic Set

The Basic set contains all items which are needed for a basic setup and that are only required once per desk: a connecting module, a LocoNet cable, CD with the planning program and manual. In addition there are 30 segments with tinted diffusers and connecting plug, 10 key caps, 3 Turnout PCBs, 3 signal PCBs, 4 cross connection PCBs, 2 connecting PCBs without indicators and a foil set for the structure of a small control desk.

Track Control Product overview
Track control Technical manual

Uhlenbrock 69020 Track Control 9 Button panel
UH69020Uhlenbrock 69020 Track Control 9 Button panel

Uhlenbrock 69020 Track Control 9 button start set

A brilliant entry point into the Track Control system.  The set consists of main LocoNet connection module, three 3-button modules and 15 segments with connector plugs.
Each button may be programmed to switch points, signals or locomotive decoder functions.

You can expand the setup with all of the additional Track Control elements.  

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