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An Overview of the IRIS Infrared Remote Handset - The Intellibox II has a built in IR receiver:

You can also use the display in conjunction with the IRIS remote control so that you can see the locos and points that you are operating

Uhlenbrock 66510 IRIS Remote control
UH66510Uhlenbrock 66510 IRIS Remote control

Uhlenbrock 66510 IRIS Wireless remote control for the Intellibox

  • Direct control of up to 4 locos
  • Address range 1-9999
  • Functions F0-F12
  • Operates turnouts in address range 1-2048
  • Activates routes stored in the Intellibox
  • External receiver with 5 meter cable

The IRIS remote uses 4 different transmission channels (A,B,C & D) each of which can select a loco address for control.  4 solenoid devices may also be allocated to each transmission channel. Up to 4 IRIS remote controls may be used.  IRIS can only be used with Intellibox software version 1.5 or later.  IRIS range is 10 meters.

Please Note:- IRIS can be used with 650 and 65000 Intellibox units as well as 65050 Intellibox IR and 65100 Intellibox II which already contain an inbuilt IRIS infrared receiver.  The 65060 Intellibox Basic does not contain the IRIS receiver. Up to three extra infrared receivers may be connected in parallel using the 66530 Y cable. 

Uhlenbrock 66530 Y-Cable
UH66530Uhlenbrock 66530 Y-Cable

Uhlenbrock 66530 Y-Cable for connecting IRIS 66520 receivers


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