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Web Guide to the Uhlenbrock 65100 Intellibox II

A walk through many of the features on the new Intellibox II with explanatory films

1.1 Setting up the system1.1 Setting up the system
1.2 The Locomotive Programming Track - A very useful tool1.2 The Locomotive Programming Track - A very useful tool
2.1 Editing the Locomotive Database2.1 Editing the Locomotive Database
2.2 Further Locomotive Menu Features2.2 Further Locomotive Menu Features
3.1 LocoNet - Connecting Accessories to your system3.1 LocoNet - Connecting Accessories to your system
3.2 DAISY II Radio and LocoNet additional throttles3.2 DAISY II Radio and LocoNet additional throttles
New October 2014
3.3 IB Control II Slave controller3.3 IB Control II Slave controller
New August 2014
3.3 Intellibox II Tool PC programme3.3 Intellibox II Tool PC programme
Administer and back up your Intellibox II Databases - New August 2016
4.1 Using the Accessory Decoder Menu4.1 Using the Accessory Decoder Menu
4.2 Using Accessory Decoders With Intellibox II4.2 Using Accessory Decoders With Intellibox II

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Uhlenbrock 65410 IB Control II
UH65410Uhlenbrock 65410 IB Control II
Uhlenbrock 65410 IB Control II

The IB Control II Provides a slave controller to an existing Intellibox II. Intellibox Basic, Intellibox IR
Major specifications
·         Large, high resolution display with back lighting that is still legible from the side
·         DCC, Marklin Motorola and Selectrix formats supported
·         Control two rail or three rail digital layouts
·         Two loco speed control knobs
·         14, 28 and 128 speed steps
·          9,999 decoder addresses
·         Control 2,048 accessories
·         28+ functions are covered (up to 10,000!)
·         Multi-traction
·         Loco speed can be displayed as kph or speed steps
·         LocoNet supported
·         Monitor up to 2048 feedbacks
·         Route Control - 48 Routes can be stored, each with up to 24 switching processes.
·         Model clock
·         Infrared receiver allows signals from IRIS remote control (item 66510) to be processed
·         Low power technology
·         Backlit keys for use in low light

Uhlenbrock 66350 DAISY II  additional radio handset
UH66350Uhlenbrock 66350 DAISY II additional radio handset

Uhlenbrock 66350 DAISY II Additional Radio Handset (Expansion to set 64400)
The 66350 Daisy II is an additional control handset that connects to the radio master in set 64400.  Up to 20 handsets can connect to the Radio Master.

  • High visibility display with yellow text on a black background
  • Intuative menu navigation
  • supports 9,999 loco addresses
  • 29+ locomotive functions (actually 32,768 are available)
  • 128 routes
  • Locomotive database with name and function symbols transfers from Intellibox II
  • 2048 Solenoid addresses (Points, signals, etc...)
  • Connects to all Intellibox control systems as well as Twin Center and Piko Powerbox


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