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We keep stocks of the Sub-Terrain Inclines, Risers and Sheets  in the shop. Unfortunately these are too fragile to post
Water EffectsWater Effects
Terrain System - Plaster MaterialsTerrain System - Plaster Materials
Rock MoldsRock Molds
Road SystemRoad System

C1180 Shaper Sheet Plaster (1/2 gal.)
C1180C1180 Shaper Sheet Plaster (1/2 gal.)

Woodland Scenics C1180 Shaper Sheet Plaster (1/2 gal.).
Shaper Sheet Plaster offers an extended working time and bonds with Shaper Sheet to form a permanent, hard surface. The longer working time makes Shaper Sheet Plaster ideal for covering large projects. Use it as an adhesive for attaching castings to plaster. Accepts Earth Colors™ Liquid Pigment.
Net Wt. 4 lbs (1.81 kg)

C1186 Plaster Brushes
C1186C1186 Plaster Brushes

Woodland Scenics C1186 Plaster Brushes. In Stock
Plaster brushes are fast and easy to clean, wet or dry! They are specially sized for plaster application with staggered bristles designed to hold plaster. Made of durable silicone for continual use and easy cleanup. Brushes are 1 1/2" and 3" wide. 2/pkg

C1198 Carving Plaster (1/2 gal.)
C1198C1198 Carving Plaster (1/2 gal.)

Woodland Scenics C1198 - Carving Plaster (1/2 gal.)
Carving Plaster is a unique plaster with an extended application time and carves easily when dry. Use it to carve rock faces, bridge abutments, piers and other custom terrain and structure formations. Scores easily for stone, brick and cobblestone effects. Great for arts and crafts. Accepts Earth Colors™ Liquid Pigment.
Net Wt. 3.5 lbs (1.58 kg)

C1201 - Lightweight Hydrocal (1/2 gal.)
C1201C1201 - Lightweight Hydrocal (1/2 gal.)

Woodland Scenics C1201 - Lightweight Hydrocal (1/2 gal.)
Lightweight Hydrocal has been specially formulated for terrain model builders. It is half the weight of Hydrocal and goes twice as far. It is the tough, quick-setting product you will prefer. Use it for casting rocks, creating a hard shell terrain, filling in around castings and as an adhesive.

Net Wt. 2 lbs (907g)

C1202 - Mold-A-Scene Plaster (1/2 gal.)
C1202C1202 - Mold-A-Scene Plaster (1/2 gal.)

Woodland Scenics C1202 - Mold-A-Scene Plaster (1/2 gal.)
Mold-A-Scene is a plaster material that can be shaped like modeling clay, but sets like plaster, without a mold. Its longer setting time allows a modeler to add terrain contours to new or existing scenery. It is excellent for dioramas, layouts and models, as well as volcanoes and other school projects. Dries overnight.

C1206 - E-Z Water 16 oz.Vol.
C1206C1206 - E-Z Water 16 oz.Vol.

Woodland Scenics C1206 - E-Z Water 16 oz.Vol.  In Stock
Heat and pour E-Z Water according to package directions, to form ponds, streams, rivers and harbors. Non-toxic, low-odor product that hardens in minutes. Can be reheated with a heat gun to mold various accents, such as ripples, waves, rapids and to remove scratches.

C1212 - Water Effects 8 oz.
C1212C1212 - Water Effects 8 oz.

Woodland Scenics C1212 - Water Effects 8 oz.
Use to model fast-moving waters, such as waterfalls, rapids or churning water. Mold the Water Effects in desired shape and let it dry at least 24 hours. It dries clear and is flexible and non-toxic. It can be used on top of dried Realistic Water to add water movement.

C1242 - Washed Rock (10.5x5 Mold)
C1242C1242 - Washed Rock (10.5x5 Mold)

Woodland Scenics C1242 - Washed Rock (10.5x5 Mold) In Stock
Use this mold to make rocks near water areas, especially oceans and seas or desert canyons.

C1245 - Creek bank rocks  5"x7" Mould)
C1245C1245 - Creek bank rocks 5"x7" Mould)

Woodland Scenics C1245 - Creek Bank Rocks (Two x 5"x7" Moulds)  In Stock
Use these molds to cast the rocks to line the edges a creek, river, etc. Molds are flexible and reusable. Set of 2 different molds

C1291 Road Striping Pen White
C1291C1291 Road Striping Pen White

Woodland Scenics C1291 Road Striping Pen White.  In Stock
Easily stripe roads, parking lots, crosswalks and other paved areas. Road Striping Pens make precise and opaque, realistic markings and dries quickly. Works for scales N through O. Use with Flexi Edge™ to create accurately scaled stripes and lines. 1/pkg and includes extra tip.

C1292 Road Striping Pen Yellow
C1292C1292 Road Striping Pen Yellow

Woodland Scenics C1292 Road Striping Pen Yellow.  In Stock
Easily stripe roads, parking lots, crosswalks and other paved areas. Road Striping Pens make precise and opaque, realistic markings and dries quickly. Works for scales N through O. Use with Flexi Edge™ to create accurately scaled stripes and lines. 1/pkg and includes extra tip.

C1293 Road Strip Remover
C1293C1293 Road Strip Remover

Woodland Scenics C1293 Road Strip Remover  In Stock
Use with Road Striping Pen - White and Road Striping Pen - Yellow to correct striping errors easily. Removes paint from Top Coat™ painted surfaces, leaving no residue. 1/pkg

C1294 Flexi Edge - draftsman marking tool
C1294C1294 Flexi Edge - draftsman marking tool

Woodland Scenics C1294 Flexi Edge  In Stock

Striping roads has never been easier! Paint straight or curvy lines cleanly and confidently. Scale ruler helps you mark sidewalks, roads, parking lots and other markings on paved areas to scale accurately. Raised inking edge prevents smears. Use edge for alignment and marked guide for correct road-striping markings. Create track plans and custom templates. Retains curve without having to hold it. Flexi-Edge is 18" in length. Ruler markings include scaled grid for striping N, HO and O scale roads and 40 ft. scale ruler for N, HO and O. Ruler information also includes scaled measurements for the width of N, HO and O parking spaces, sidewalks, rural roads and highways.

ST1447 - Foam Putty (Pint)
ST1447ST1447 - Foam Putty (Pint) £7.50
ST1454 - Top Coat Concrete (4 oz.)
ST1454ST1454 - Top Coat Concrete (4 oz.)

Woodland Scenics ST1454 - Top Coat Concrete (4 oz.)
Top Coat Concrete is a non-toxic, water-soluble compound used to simulate the color of concrete road surfaces. Use one 4 oz. bottle per package of Smooth-It.

ST1455 - Paving Tape
ST1455ST1455 - Paving Tape

Woodland Scenics ST1455 - Paving Tape
An adhesive-backed foam tape that is used to make a form for streets, roads and sidewalks. A spreader is included. 1/4" x 30' roll.


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