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Help section for the new Set101 and LZV200

For customers who are already familiar with Lenz controllers then the new system will be a straight forward conversion.  A few things have moved around but the DCC control remains the same.
We are also developing our help pages with new customers in mind.

Lenz LH101 Help sectionLenz LH101 Help section
New hand controller Out now - replaces LH90 and LH100
LZV200 Manual TranslationLZV200 Manual Translation
Abridged English manual
LZV200 Programming trackLZV200 Programming track
LZV200 RailcomLZV200 Railcom
LZV200 UpdateLZV200 Update
LZV200 Memory BatteryLZV200 Memory Battery
Lenz LZV200 and older handsetsLenz LZV200 and older handsets
Lenz DCC on a layoutLenz DCC on a layout
Using the new Hornby Layouts Made Easy R7277 Large Corner Layout Complete Track as an example we show how Lenz DCC Products can make this plan work

20200 LZV200 Command station incl. 5Amp output Version 3.8 software
LENZ2020020200 LZV200 Command station incl. 5Amp output Version 3.8 software

Now available
English manual  PDF download  (Manual - German, English French )

 20200 LZV200 Command station incl. 5Amp output
Lessons learnt from 25 years of the LZV100 and with Prototypes of the new LZV200 have resulted in some new features

  • Update by USB memory stick - unit no longer has to be sent off for upgrading
  • Integrated computer interface
  • Adjustable Track voltage and maximum current
  • Global RailCom detector
  • CVs can now be read during operation, not just on the programming track - (RailCom enabled decoders and LRC120 display are needed for this)
  • Internal Memory battery is now replaceable - CR2450 


The future new features and functions are shown in red
Updates: can be done easily with a USB memory stick.
Locomotive: 9,999 addresses for digital locomotives.
Locomotive and configuration: up to 29 functions are available per address.
For functions 1 to 28, you can set separately whether it is a switched or a momentary function.
This setting is saved to each loco address.
Driving stages: The driving stage modes 28 and 128 are supported. The drive step mode can be set separately for each address.
Double and Traction (MTR): Two or more locomotives can be combined and controlled together. In order to manage the MTR, the LZV200 has an internal database, in which each address is entered, whether and if so, in which MTR the relevant address is integrated. This database can be queried and modified by XpressNet handsets and devices.
RailCom: The built-in global RailCom detector will allow the RAILCOM data of all locomotives located in the supply area of the LZV200 to be received. From other supply areas (e.g. LV102), the RAILCOM data is forwarded to the LZV200 with the RailCom transmitter and can be processed there.
Programming during Operation (POM): You program the properties of a decoder while the locomotive is somewhere on the system. For example, drive Your locomotive in front of a heavy freight train and adjust the driving delay to the train!
The content of CVs can also be read out and displayed via the built-in global RailCom detector (if the addressed decoder is able to do so).
Programming on the program track: all 3 programming variants according to NMRA are available with the LZV200: Programming with specification of CV, register programming and page mode.
Magnetic Articles: The address range for magnetic articles (turnouts, signals) we have expanded to 1 to 2048. Point feedback is possible in the range from 1 to 256.
Auto mode: This mode ensures that after switching on your system, the locomotives are restored with the stored data. If this mode is switched on, the driving commands are saved for the above locomotive and sent after switching on. The information of functions F0 to F4 is also sent.
XpressNet: The XpressNet connection is used to establish communication with the input devices. The automatic forwarding of messages of reconfirmable components via XPRESSNET to connected devices means an extremely fast feedback the LZV200 supports XpressNet devices from version 3 onwards.
Output current: The output current of the built-in amplifier is limited to a maximum of 5a. Voltage and maximum current are adjustable.
Protective functions: Thermal overload protection and external voltage protection.
Computer connection: The LZV200 is prepared for computer connection
Housing: Metal
60101 Set 101 Startset with hand controller LH101
LENZ6010160101 Set 101 Startset with hand controller LH101

Lenz  60101 Set 101 Startset with hand controller LH101

Help Section

English manual for LH101 Handset (Manual - German, English French)

English manual for LZV200 PDF download  (Manual - German, English French )

For large model railway layouts where many motor vehicles, points and signals are used.

  • for up to 9999 digital motor vehicles and 1 analog locomotive
  • setting of 4-digit locomotive addresses
  • 14, 27, 28 or 128 speed steps
  • 28 functions for each locomotive
  • double- and multiple-traction
  • the setting of automatic control is optional
  • Separate Programming track outputs
  • CV programming from CV1 to CV1024
  • higher requirements are met by adding (an infinite number of) additional amplifiers - LV103
  • connect up to 31 input devices to our universal input bus XpressNet.
  • programming in operational mode (PoM)
  • up to 2048 points, signals and other magnetic articles can be switched, depending on the control device used.
  • feedback bus to connect feedback modules and switch decoders that support the feedback function.
  • The LZV200 can generate the RailCom Signal (Global RailCom from LH101 V2.0)
  • Model Clock (LH101 V2.0)
  • Integrated USB PC Interface
  • Future updates can be applied using a memory stick

Each set comes with a LZV200 device (which is an amplifier plus command station) and an LH101 hand-held control device.

This set needs an additional Transformer.  There is the choice of the TR100 (3 Amp) or the TR150 (5 Amp)

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