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5037 Double blue flashing beacon
50375037 Double blue flashing beacon

 Viessmann  5037 Double blue flashing beacon with flasher module In Stock

Blinker unit equips model vehicles with realistic blinking light. Special blink circuit which is mounted under the layout provides authentic rotating all-round light. Supplied with Blue bulbs. Operation only by AC power allowed. Works on 16v AC
rrp £16.25 Sale £12.25
5224  DCC Control for colour light Block signal
VN52245224 DCC Control for colour light Block signal

 Viessmann  5224 DCC Control for colour light Block signal. In Stock

The module offers an integrated digital decoder (Märklin-Motorola, NMRA-DCC) and is used to control 2 colour light signals (one home signal and one distant signal) with LEDs and a common plus pole or bulbs, provided they do not draw more than 200 mA in total. Therefore it is suitable for all signals scale 0 up to Z (except for the Viessmann signals with multiplex-technology). It can be activated in conventional mode via the push button panels item-No. 5545, 5546 and 5547 or via a digital signal. It is equipped with Viessmann Signalbus and can be configured for the following applications: 2 or several aspect colour light signal: A 2-aspect home signal with the aspects proceed and stop requires the push button panel item-No. 5547 (for 4 signals) or a digital address. A signal with 3 or 4 aspects with the additional aspects proceed slowly and shunting permitted requires the push button panel item-No. 5546 (3-aspect, 2 signals) resp. item-No. 5545 (4-aspect, 2 signals) resp. a digital operation 2-aspect. Distant signal or block signal: By configuration as a block signal the module responds automatically to the status of the corresponding track sector. This works only in conjunction with track occupancy detectors with continuous output. Per signal sector up to 2 track sectors are required. In this mode the module changes automatically to proceed if the following sector is clear (un-occupied). If one of the two sectors is occupied, the module switches to stop. Own distant signal or distant signal on the same mast: The signal module controls the main signal and the corresponding distant signal or the distant signal of a following main signal mounted on the same mast. In that case the distant signal will show the dark aspect when the main signal shows stop. Interrupt track supply or switch on brake generator when stop aspect is shown: With the relay for automatic train control item-No. 5228 the module can stop trains automatically either by interrupting the track voltage in front of the signal or – more prototypical – with the digital brake module item-No. 5232 (Märklin Motorola) or a brake generator (for NMRA-DCC). Signal with aspects stop and proceed slowly: If required you can configure the module to permit these two aspects only. In that case the module can be activated via the push button panel item-No. 5547 or a digital address. Regardless if the module is triggered by push buttons or track contacts the logic always assures that the red button has preference if two or more devices provide conflicting commands. Soft change of signal aspects

rrp £59.00 Special Price £37.50
5400 /HE741132 Set of two Wiesel ISAF
HE7411325400 /HE741132 Set of two Wiesel ISAF

Minitanks 5400 /HE741132 Set of two Wiesel one with TOW missile system the other with a cannon ISAF HO In Stock

rrp £27.95 Special £13.50
5401 / HE741149 Dingo 1 + VW T4 Polizei ISAF
HE7411495401 / HE741149 Dingo 1 + VW T4 Polizei ISAF

Minitanks 5401 / HE741149 Dingo 1 + VW T4 Polizei ISAF  HO In Stock

rrp £19.55 Special £9.50
5574 Hunting gunshot sound effect module
55745574 Hunting gunshot sound effect module

 Viessmann  5574 Hunting gunshot sound effect module  In Stock

Get in touch with the model railway with all your senses: Stationary sound module provides the specific sounds to the scenes in the animated world. Sound module is equipped with integrated loudspeaker and connection for external loudspeaker. Works on 16v AC or DC
rrp £41.00 Sale £33
567621 Express Coach
FL567621567621 Express Coach

FLEISCHMANN 567621 DB 1st/2nd Class Coach  EpIV  HO In Stock

rrp £49.00  Special Offer £39.95

567704 Express Coach
FL567704567704 Express Coach

FLEISCHMANN 567704 DB 2nd Class Coach Type B4ywe 30/50 EpIV  HO In Stock

rrp £49.00  Special Offer £39.95

5734 Fellbach Signal Box
VO57345734 Fellbach Signal Box

Vollmer  5734 Fellbach Signal Tower.  150 x 70 x 170mm  HO In Stock

rrp £30.00   Special Price £19.95

60004 Piaggio Ape 50
BU6000460004 Piaggio Ape 50

 BUSCH  60004 Piaggio Ape 50 in Cow livery with milk churns. 1:43 scale O Gauge In Stock

rrp £18.95 Sale £13.95
60100 Lanz Threshing machine 1:45 scale wooden model
BU6010060100 Lanz Threshing machine 1:45 scale wooden model

BUSCH 60100 Lanz Threshing Machine O Gauge In Stock

Complete and ready to go on a layout, this wooden model of the 1911 Lanz Threshing machine has been beautifully constructed and is delivered inside a replica packing crate (There is also a cardboard box to protect this!) 

rrp £129.95 Sale £95  

62145 SNCF 150X DCC Sound
RO6214562145 SNCF 150X DCC Sound

 Roco  62145 SNCF 150X Steam locomotive DCC Sound EpII-III  HO  In Stock 

DRG Br44 locomotives were built in French factories under the occupation, the SNCF recovered 239 of these locomotive after the war. 226 were made serviceable becoming 150X1-226 in 1949/1950.  There were mainly allocated to the Nord and Est regions for heavy freight.  They lasted up until 1959 on the Nord region and 1965 on the Est region - many were sold on to Turkey.  Five of the French built machines are preserved, 4 in Germany and 1 in Turkey.

New Item 2018 - Special Offer £295 (rrp £370)  -sold out at Roco - last available at A&H

66623 Wheel cleaning brush
TR6662366623 Wheel cleaning brush

MINITRIX 66623 Wheel cleaning brush N Gauge In Stock

Over 50% off
67671 OBB Wagon
RO6767167671 OBB Wagon

 Roco  67671 ÖBB Flat wagon with Box load. EpV HO In Stock

rrp £35.40 Special £21.60

67699 DB  Wagon
RO6769967699 DB Wagon

 Roco  67699 DB Stake wagon. Type R10 with Timber load. EpIII HO In Stock

rrp £33.60 Special £22.95

72563 MWB Br140 DCC Sound   SALE
RO7256372563 MWB Br140 DCC Sound SALE

 Roco  72563 MWB Br140 Electric locomotive DCC Digital Sound EpVI HO In Stock
rrp £271.95 - Special Price  £195  

737304 ÖBB Rh 1010.20
FL737304737304 ÖBB Rh 1010.20

FLEISCHMANN 737304 ÖBB Rh 1010.20 Electric locomotive. EpIV N Gauge In Stock

rrp £199.50 NOW £169.50

746 / HE740845 Wiesel 2 AAF
HE740845746 / HE740845 Wiesel 2 AAF

Minitanks 746 / HE740845 Wiesel 2 AAF HO In Stock

rrp £9.20 Special £4.50
749 / HE740869 Wiesel 2 UF/UB
HE740869749 / HE740869 Wiesel 2 UF/UB

Minitanks 749 / HE740869 Wiesel 2 UF/UB HO In Stock

rrp £7.20 Special £3.95
76114 CFL Gondola  wagon set
RO7611476114 CFL Gondola wagon set

 Roco  76114 CFL set of two open gondola wagons. EpIII  HO  In Stock

Set of two gondola wagons.  

Special Offer  £37.50 (rrp£49)

New model 2018 made in co-operation with  ArtiTec 

76194 DB 2 x track wagons
RO7619476194 DB 2 x track wagons

 Roco  76194 DB Set of 2 Flat wagons with track load EpIII HO In Stock

rrp £74.00 Special £57.50


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