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As of May 2013 Roco have released a firmware update to the Z21 system that allows routing and also enables the Roco feedback system R-Bus. 
The following film shows how to update the software on the Z21 command station:

The Z21 Maintenance programme for PC also allows you to maintain and read the 10787 occupation/ detection (Feedback) modules that plug into R-Bus:

As of July 2016 Z21 maintenance programme V1.11 is available
Link to Z21 Maintenance  - scroll to bottom of page and select Z21 Maintenance V1.11 (exe - 2.33 MB)  (It may only be visible on the Geman language page at present)

This programme will allow you to update your Z21 to version 1.28 and opens up LocoNet as well as the ability to access the Z21 programming track from your PC.

10820 Roco Z21 Digital Center
RO1082010820 Roco Z21 Digital Center
 Roco  10820 Roco Z21 Digital Centre.  DCC Control  On Order

See our Roco digital help pages - Click here

Z21 Expert Version
Digital Switchboard -
Our, in stock, Z21s have been updated to the current version Click here to see how the firmware update is done

The Roco Z21 is a DCC and Motorola digital system that is designed to simplify the control of Digital locomotives as well as points and signals

The digital switchboard Z21 connects your model train unit and your digital locomotives with your Smartphone or tablet-PC and the installed control-Apps via WLAN. This way you can control the operation on your train layout easily an conveniently from any Android or Apple Smartphone or Tablet PC, optionally with our Z21-Mobile-App or one of our true-to-life driver’s cabin –Apps.

The digital system Z21 revamps model train control: Locomotives, track switches and digital components of Roco and Fleischmann can be controlled easily and conveniently with your Smartphone or Tablet-PC – with maximum driving pleasure from the very start!
The Z21 now allows you to set routes and drive tocos in multi-traction.

Further highlights of the Z21 Digital Switchboard

  • The Plug&Play-Digital system is completely downwards compatible to all multiMAUS-Models and for Lokmaus 2 and also has three multiMAUS-Ports as a standard. This way the entire family can participate in the fun!
  • Your locomotives are automatically recognized and report their status to the Z21 over RailCom©. This way you can also manage large vehicle fleets with minimum effort – and use current status reports in the control-Apps.
  • The Z21 supports a number of standard interfaces and connection options – ideal, if you want to continuously expand your layout or supplement it with new functions.  
  • Upgrade for existing digitally controlled layouts through backwards compatibility, i.e. multiMAUS
  • Contained in the system: WLAN router, high performance switching power supply - The Z21 must be used with the supplied transformer (Roco 10851)  Do not connect a different power supply.  The system contains a 3.1amp booster and can be used with additional Roco 10765 boosters using the Booster Bus connection.  Track voltage can be adjusted in the range 11-23 volts.
  • Supports Programming on Main as well as a separate programming track
  • Latest version of the software 
  • Now supports Multi-traction
  • Now allows routes to be set

Link to the Z21 Website

Link to the Z21 Driver cabs for Tablet PC - Roco are producing realistic cab views so that you can drive your locomotives using the actual controls that a loco driver would use.  You can decide how complicated the controls have to be so that beginners can dive in and experienced drivers would feel at home.

10820Part - Spare plug for Z21
RO10820P10820Part - Spare plug for Z21
 Roco  10820part Spare two pole track power plug for Roco Z21.  DCC Control   In Stock 

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