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Roco 2023 Pre-order sectionRoco 2023 Pre-order section
Special Prices on Pre-orders for 2023 Roco new items
Roco HO Locomotives In StockRoco HO Locomotives In Stock
Roco HO Coaches In StockRoco HO Coaches In Stock
Roco HO Wagons In StockRoco HO Wagons In Stock
Narrow Gauge HOe and HOmNarrow Gauge HOe and HOm
Roco TTRoco TT
TT 1:120 scale - New range of TT scale models from Roco with a newly developed set-track range

Fleischmann 6599   Oil
FL6599Fleischmann 6599 Oil

FLEISCHMANN 6599 Oil for lubricating locomotives - plastic safe  In Stock

For lubricating rotating bearings - motor and gearbox bearings, axles and valve gear pins - use only a tiny drop so the oil remains where it should and doesn't get into areas like the motor commutator where it can make mischief  - too much oil will spill out and attract muck.
REE CB-133 Renault R4190 Bus
REE CB-133REE CB-133 Renault R4190 Bus

 REE Modeles  CB-133 Renault R4190 Bus Vienna (38) HO In Stock

Renault R4190 were constructed from 1949 and were designed for inter-urban transit and tourism.

New model 2023

These are finescale models with many delicate, etched metal parts - They are a perfect replicas of these iconic French vehicles.  Ready to place on your layout.

REE CB-133 Renault R4190 Bus

Roco 40287  Roco Close coupling pair NEM363
RO40287Roco 40287 Roco Close coupling pair NEM363

 Roco  40287 Pack of 2 Roco close couplings that plug into the NEM363 wedge.  Wagons couple prototypically buffer to buffer and may be easily lifted out of rakes and re-coupled HO  In Stock


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