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The BB67000 diesel electric locomotives were build for the SNCF, starting from 1963.  They were designed for both freight and passenger use and could be double headed with other members of the class.  124 locomotives were constructed.  In later life 75 have been rebuilt as BB 67200 and 20 as BB 67300.

REE will be doing a number of versions in 12v DC analog as well as the spectacular DCC sound and smoke models.


MB-070  SNCF BB 167445 Diesel
REE MB-070MB-070 SNCF BB 167445 Diesel

  MB-070 SNCF BB 167445 Diesel. Multi-service livery EpV.   HO In Stock
New item 2018 - Completely new tool for the BB 67 400 variant - Sold out at REE, Last Available at A&H

BB 167445 Bordeaux Depot SNCF 

Technical characteristics:

2-rail DC (Analog) Model
Model constructed from more than 330 pieces
Delicacy and robustness of materials
Numerous fine metal detail pieces
Metal Chassis and ABS Body
Metal roof foe sharper detail and increased weight
2 Canon motors 
 (Main Drive and fan drive motors)
Sprung buffers
Minimum radius : 360 mm
LED Directional Lighting
Rotating cooling fans under roof grills
21-pi decoder socket for easy conversion to DCC

XF-021 ESU 51990 Smoke distillate
REE XF-021XF-021 ESU 51990 Smoke distillate

  XF-021  (ESU 51990) Smoke Distillate fluid for models with a smoke generator.  125ml bottle  In Stock


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