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Specialist French Artisan manufacturer with a unique and beautifully finished range of HO an N railway models.  Rails Europ Express was established by French model railways enthusiast to produce the best models they could, whilst at the same time making them accessible to the majority of modellers.  In only a short time REE have become the largest manufacturer of French HO scale.

All items are to a high level of detail and are only produced in single batch runs.
REE Mag 1  REE MAG 2

REE December 2022 Magazine (PDF download)                        REE June 2023 Magazine (PDF download)

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Interested in French Railways - There is a very active SNCF society - Link to www.sncfsociety.org.uk 

REE HO GaugeREE HO Gauge
REE 2023 New itemsREE 2023 New items
New models expected during 2023
REE HOm / HOe Narrow GaugeREE HOm / HOe Narrow Gauge
REE HOm /HOe convertible models for the secondary routes
REE N Gauge modelsREE N Gauge models
Information about French RailwaysInformation about French Railways
+ Modelling French Railways

Fleischmann 6599   Oil
FL6599Fleischmann 6599 Oil

FLEISCHMANN 6599 Oil for lubricating locomotives - plastic safe  In Stock

For lubricating rotating bearings - motor and gearbox bearings, axles and valve gear pins - use only a tiny drop so the oil remains where it should and doesn't get into areas like the motor commutator where it can make mischief  - too much oil will spill out and attract muck.

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