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The PluX interface has been adopted by a number of European manufacturers - Roco, Fleischmann, Piko and Tillig to name a few.  In 2012 Dapol has begun installing PluX22 interfaces into their new OO models.  One main feature is that the decoder can only be installed one way so you do not have the problems you have with 6 and 8 pin decoders being installed 180 degrees out.  (Please check what decoder interface a loco has fitted - the details should be on the box and in the manual - if in doubt check with the retailer)

The PluX interface has been developed to allow up to 9 separate operable functions to be controlled by a locomotive decoder.  Manufacturers and digital installers are now building in such functions as smoke generators, cab lighting , digital uncoupling, firebox glow, operating pantographes and PluX gives them the ability to combine a number of these in one model. Plux is an interchangable system that allows a PluX22 socket to accept decoders with PluX22, PluX16, PluX12 or PluX8 plugs to be installed depending on your needs.

Pin Number
GP10/C Hall Sensor in
Function Output AUX3
GP10/B Train bus clock line (or SUSI)
GP10/A Train bus data line (or SUSI)
GND Ground -ve
U+ (Alternate blue)
Headlight (White)
Motor 1 (Orange)
U+ (Blue)
Motor 2 (Grey)
Index - no pin
Track Pick Up Right (Red)
Tail light (Yellow)
Track Pick Up Left (Black)
Loud speaker A
Function Output AUX1 (Green)
Loud speaker B
Function Output AUX2 (Purple)
Function Output AUX4
Function Output AUX5
Function Output AUX6
Function Output AUX7

Lenz 10312-01 Silver PluX12
LE10312-01Lenz 10312-01 Silver PluX12

Lenz 10312-01 "Silver PluX12 0.75/1.0A . 4 Function outputs

Click here for an explanation of the PluX series of decoder interfaces

Easy to Install - See Film

Manual in German, English and French

The Digital Plus Silver  locomotive decoder is suitable for all DC locomotives with continuous current draw of 0.75Amp or less.

The characteristics of the decoder are:

  • Super smooth and silent high frequency back emf motor control
  • Supports Automatic Braking Control (ABC)
  • Shunting speed on F3
  • Suitable for operation with 14/27 or 28/128 speed steps
  • Operation on conventional DC layouts is posible or may be disabled
  • Motor output = 0.75A continuous 1.0A max
  • Motor and function outputs have short circuit protection
  • Four function outputs rated at 500mA each with advanced function mapping
  • Directional or independent lighting with dimming and special effects
  • Support for Multiple traction and long addresses (Loco addresses up to 9,999)
  • Support for programming on the mainline (Programming on Main POM)
  • Support for all forms of programming as described in NMRA RP-9.2.3
  • RailCom
  • SUSI solder points
  • Size: L 20 x W 11 x H 3.9mm.


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