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OR76BOOM03 Rail Gun Boche Buster
76BOOM03OR76BOOM03 Rail Gun Boche BusterOxford Rail     OR76BOOM03 Rail Gun Boche Buster WWI  OO In Stock

Constructed by Elswick ordinance company, "Boche Buster" and her sister "Scene Shifter" were BL 14" naval guns mounted on railway carriages.  They utilised two spare 14" guns originally intended for the Japanese battleship Yamashiro which was under construction in Japan.  The two guns were used on the Western front for 4 months over the summer of 1918 and fired 235 shells.

Incidentally Yamashiro was the last Battleship to be sunk in a surface battle

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OR76DG005XS Dean Goods Great Western DCC Sound
76DG005XSOR76DG005XS Dean Goods Great Western DCC SoundOxford Rail     OR76DG005XS Dean Goods Great Western DCC Sound OO In Stock
Summer Overstock Sale £149 (rrp £229.95)

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