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OO/HO  Electronic AccessoriesOO/HO Electronic Accessories
OO/HO Ballast, Tunnel Portals & Civil EngineeringOO/HO Ballast, Tunnel Portals & Civil Engineering
OO/HO Flowers and PlantsOO/HO Flowers and Plants
OO/HO Grass Mats and Field SheetsOO/HO Grass Mats and Field Sheets
OO/HO Model Buildings and mini dioramasOO/HO Model Buildings and mini dioramas
OO/HO RoadwaysOO/HO Roadways
OO/HO TreesOO/HO Trees
OO/HO Walls and FencingOO/HO Walls and Fencing
OO/HO Winter WonderlandOO/HO Winter Wonderland
HO 1:87 AutomobilesHO 1:87 Automobiles

1020 Garden and Allotment Wire Fencing
BU10201020 Garden and Allotment Wire Fencing

1020 Garden and Allotment Wire Fencing  OO/HOIn Stock

Kit for a green wire mesh garden fence with four metal doors and 30 posts. All parts are made of plastic.

Length: 100 cm: 18 mm high

1052 Football Pitch
BU10521052 Football Pitch

BUSCH 1052 Football Pitch OO/HOIn Stock

310mm x 215mm Football pitch with Goal nets, corner flags and 2 spectator stands.

1061 Festive street decorations
BU10611061 Festive street decorations

1061 Festive street decorations  OO/HOIn Stock

A kit for 16 street decorations that my be suspended over a road or attached to buildings and lamp posts

1065 OO/HO Boat Rentals
BU10651065 OO/HO Boat Rentals

1065  Boat Rentals - Laser cut wood kit  OO/HOIn Stock

Complete building kit for making a typical boat rental service. Includes many accessories: an office building and wharf (made of genuine wood) rowboats and outboard motorboats, a rubber dingy and air mattresses. The wharf can be built in various configurations.

Size of office building: approx. 70 x 48 mm, 58 mm high
Size of wharf: approx. 350 x 30 mm.

1067 Falconry display
BU10671067 Falconry display

BUSCH 1067 Falconry display. Laser cut kit  OO/HOIn Stock

Busch Laser cut kits use a selection of materials to produce a realistic finish.  Wood, Card and plastic are combined to givean easy and effective result that does not require painting.  Of course you can paint and weather them if you wish.  The spectator stand is a plastic kit.  The bird shelters are laser cut wood and card.  Also includes a selection of birds of prey and a handler.

1075 Farm Shop Accessories
BU10751075 Farm Shop Accessories

BUSCH 1075 Farm Shop Accessories OO/HOIn Stock

A selection of accessories for a farm shop or market stall.  Shelves, tables, storage boxes, fruit, vegetables and an aquarium.

1159 OO/HO Soap box derby
BU11591159 OO/HO Soap box derby

1159  Soapbox Derby Set  OO/HOIn Stock

Kit for 12 soap box race cars in various types and colors, with typical race numbers, rally stripes and sponsors. Accessories include a start ramp, start and finish flags, straw bales, advertising posters and an advertising cut-out sheet

1178 Cider making scene
BU11781178 Cider making scene

BUSCH 1178 Cider making scene OO/HOIn Stock

Set includes all you need to make your own cider: Scales, shredder, juice extractor, crown cap press, sign, tin tub, 4 tin cans, 8 sacks, 6 barrels, 24 crates for fruits and bottles including apples and bottle inserts.

1190 Garden party
BU11901190 Garden party

BUSCH 1190 Garden Party OO/HOIn Stock

Ready made BBQ and garden table and chairs, plus 2 x beer crates for use on layouts and dioramas

1201 Pumpkin Field
BU12011201 Pumpkin Field

1201 Pumpkin Field  OO/HO In Stock

80 pumpkins in various sizes and 10 approx. 40 mm long vines with tendrils and pumpkin leaves.

1214 Cucumbers & Tomatoes
BU12141214 Cucumbers & Tomatoes

1214 Cucumbers & Tomatoes OO/HOIn Stock

Six cucumber and tomato plants. Both the leaves and the fruit correspond to the large model plants. For each tomato plant a spiral metal cage is provided. Height of the plants is approx. 25 mm. Building kit.

1216 Barley Field
BU12161216 Barley Field

1216 Barley Field  OO/HOIn Stock

The barley stems have fine leaves and thickened points (grain). Approximately 50 barley stems are located on a soil strip, so it is easy to plant a larger field. Package contains over 4,000 stems to make an approx. 100cm² barley field, roughly 10 mm high

1225 Frozen lake fairy tale landscape set
BU12251225 Frozen lake fairy tale landscape set

1225 Frozen lake fairy tale landscape set  OO/HOIn Stock

Contains a sheet for a frozen lake and a large selection of frosted plants and Ice trees to make a fairy tale winter landscape or a themed town centre ice show

1250 Hemp and poppy set
BU12501250 Hemp and poppy set

1250 Hemp and poppy set  OO/HOIn Stock

»Let yourself go« with this newest article from the Busch »Nature-Pure-Series«. The plants are made in unbelievably realistic and three-dimensional quality, by an injection-molding technique. The kit contains 6 hemp and 16 poppy plants. Not only are the plants realistic, the poppy blossoms are also realistically pre-colored. A base plate is also included.  Made from nice narcotic free plastic

1251 Peat bog with Body
BU12511251 Peat bog with Body

1251 Peat bog with Body  OO/HOIn Stock

Create a scene from the Peat industry.   The kit contains material for typical moorland vegetation as well as the peat scatter, bales of cut peat as well as a wheel barrow.  Also included is a skeleton found in the bog for a crime scene or archeology diorama.

1259 'Pure Nature' Learning Diorama set with base
BU12591259 'Pure Nature' Learning Diorama set with base

1259 Natur Pur Learning Diorama set with base  OO/HOIn Stock

Small diorama kit that can be used individually or used as part of a moder. Molded Base plate,» pure nature «stem spruce, quality ground material with various grasses, mushrooms, leaves, stems and flowers. Detailed step by step instructions including many professional tips. Size: approx. 150 x 100 mm.
1260 Late summer undergrowth
BU12601260 Late summer undergrowth

1260 Late summer undergrowth  OO/HOIn Stock

Late summer undergrowth with leaves and stalks in various shades. Excellent for wild gardens, pathways, fences, etc. Kit.

1304 Late Summer Grass
BU13041304 Late Summer Grass

1304 Late Summer Grass O Gauge OO/HO N GaugeIn Stock

For decorating the scenery base. Grass fibers of different colors and sizes are connected to a mat which adapts easily to all kinds of uneven surfaces. Summer meadows, heath landscapes or the transition from forest to field can perfectly be reproduced with this ground mat. The ground cover material (size 297 x 210 mm) can be used as a whole mat or by individual parts. Even very small pieces of this material can create amazing effects like e.g. the edges of paths and fields.

1311 Crop Circles
BU13111311 Crop Circles

1311 Crop Circles  O Gauge OO/HO N GaugeIn Stock

297mm x 210mm sheet of Corn with Crop circles

1317 Snow covered meadow
BU13171317 Snow covered meadow

1317 Snow covered meadow  O Gauge OO/HO N GaugeIn Stock

For decorating the scenery base. Grass fibers of different colors and sizes are connected to a mat which adapts easily to all kinds of uneven surfaces. The ground cover material (size 297 x 210 mm) can be used as a whole mat or by individual parts.


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