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K20-000 Straight
K20000K20-000 Straight

KATO N Gauge 20-000 Ground Level 248mm Straight Track pack of 4 In Stock

K20-010 Straight
K20010K20-010 Straight

KATO N Gauge 20-010 Ground Level 186mm Straight Track Pack of 4 In Stock

K20-015 Straight with Ash Pit
K20015K20-015 Straight with Ash Pit

KATO N Gauge 20-015 Ground Level 186mm Straight Track with Inspection / Ash removal pit. Pack of 2 In Stock

K20-020 Straight
K20020K20-020 Straight

KATO N Gauge 20-020 Ground Level 124mm Straight Track. Pack of 4 In Stock

K20-030 Straight
K20030K20-030 Straight

KATO N Gauge 20-030 Ground Level 64mm Straight Track pack of 2 In Stock

K20-032  Magnetic uncoupler track
K20032K20-032 Magnetic uncoupler track

KATO N Gauge 20-032 Magnetic uncoupler track.  64mm. In Stock

K20-040 Straight
K20040K20-040 Straight

KATO N Gauge 20-040 Ground Level 62mm Straight Track Pack of 4 In Stock

K20-041 Feeder track
K20041K20-041 Feeder track

KATO N Gauge 20-041 Ground Level 62mm Single Feeder Track In Stock

K20-045 Straight
K20045K20-045 Straight

KATO N Gauge 20-045 Ground Level Single Conversion Track Pack of 2. Allows Kato track to join to Fleischmann, Roco, Minitrix and Peco Code 80 N track  In Stock

K20-046 Buffer
K20046K20-046 Buffer

KATO N Gauge 20-046 Ground Level Buffer Stop (Brick) on 62mm Straight. Pack of 2 In Stock

K20-048 Buffer
K20048K20-048 Buffer

KATO N Gauge 20-048 Ground Level Buffer Stop (Rail built) on 62mm Straight Pack of 2 In Stock

K20-050 Expansion track
K20050K20-050 Expansion track

KATO N Gauge 20-050 Expandable track section 78mm-108mm. In stock

K20-091 Single track assortment
K20091K20-091 Single track assortment

KATO N Gauge 20-091 Single track assortment 2 x 45mm straight + 4 x 29mm Straight. In Stock

K20-092 Single track assortment
K20092K20-092 Single track assortment

KATO N Gauge 20-092 Single track assortment 4 x 33mm straight + 4 x 38mm Straight In Stock


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