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Explanation of Epochs (Era)
Epoch I  
Epoch II 
Epoch III
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The Epochs are guidelines - there was a long period of transition between each time period as stock would be left until a major overhaul before it was repainted.
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N 1:160 Items in stock - arranged by era:
Era 1 (Epoch I)Era 1 (Epoch I)
Era 2 (Epoch II)Era 2 (Epoch II)
Era 3 (Epoch III)Era 3 (Epoch III)
Era 4 (Epoch IV)Era 4 (Epoch IV)
Era 5 (Epoch V)Era 5 (Epoch V)
Era 6 (Epoch VI)Era 6 (Epoch VI)
N Gauge General Items and Accessories for rolling stockN Gauge General Items and Accessories for rolling stock
Useful items for cleaning, maintaining and upgrading your models
N Gauge TrackN Gauge Track
A & H CollectionA & H Collection
European N Gauge Collection of high quality Second hand. Large new collection in December 2018

6599 Fleischmann Oil
FL65996599 Fleischmann Oil

FLEISCHMANN 6599 Oil for lubricating locomotives - plastic safe In Stock

For lubricating rotating bearings - motor and gearbox bearings, axles and valve gear pins - use only a tiny drop so the oil remains where it should and doesn't get into areas like the motor commutator where it can make mischief  - too much oil will spill out and attract muck.
NB2011 Diecast Rail Zeppelin
MANB2011NB2011 Diecast Rail ZeppelinMärklin Die-cast Rail Zeppelin model - polished metal finish 1:220 Scale In Stock

NB2013 Diecast SBB Re4/4II
MANB2013NB2013 Diecast SBB Re4/4IIMärklin Die-cast SBB Re4/4II Chromed model 1:220 Scale In Stock


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