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This section has been designed to provide the benefits of our experience with railway modelling and retailing these products.  This section will include items that are applicable to all Railway Modellers in a variety of scales.

As someone said to me "The real beauty of International Standards  is that there are so many different ones to choose from"

This is not a great problem so long as you are aware that a couple of blocks have formed in our world.  The US and Europe have diverged in their approach to railway modelling.  There is still much cross over, however, every so often you will come across some inconsistancies.  We find ourselves running a mixture of US and European products and in most cases this presents no problem.  Within the more advanced aspects of model railways we find ourselves in the European block (How much you like that is a different conversation) The Market leaders in British railway modelling lean towards European Equipment especially for DCC sound and functions.  The  European market looks towards low volume, high quality products.  The prices may be higher but there is far greater diversity.   


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