Modelbex HO

SNCF Pacific ÉTAT  HO Scale (1/87)

The Pacific ÉTAT was inspired by those of the Paris Orleans 3500 class. It was a compound locomotive (de Glenn type compound) with external High Pressure and internal Low Pressure cylinders.

Starting in 1914, 283 locomotives were built to haul express passenger trains for the ÉTAT network. They were gradually modified to improve their performance, following the techniques developed by André Chapelon for PO 231-3566.

289 were orginally constructed but one was captured by the Germans and five were lost when the transport ship they were in was sunk 

Numbers built at each factory

Fives-Lille (54)

Batignolles-Châtillon (140)

North British Locomotive Co. Glasgow (45) (5 lost)

Schneider et Cie. (50) 

The Ministry of Public works ordered another 121 locomotives. The design was identical to the Pacific ÉTAT, resulting in a total class of 404 Locomotives.

The 121 TP Pacifics were assigned to the following companies: 

1 locomotive, 3-1150 to the NORD

40 units to the Compagnie de l'EST (31001 to 31040)

40 units to the Compagnie de l'AL (1311 to 1350)

40 units to the Paris Orleans (3641 to 3680)

The locomotives are named "Pacific TP" after their funding by the French government to help rebuild the networks following the First World War.

Successive modernisations resulted in the class being divided into 231B, 231D, 231F, 231H and 231G (The 231G were heavily modified with a very different appearance from the rest of the class).

They finally ended their career in 1968.

The Modelbex Locos are constructed from Brass - They use a common chassis but each loco has been individualised using uniquely etched and cast brass parts.  This technique allows models to be built that would probably not be viable if they were made using conventional plastic and die-cast construction.

Previously these locomotives were only available by building the DJH White-metal and brass kit (Last seen priced at 495euro, unbuilt E125, E126, E157 or E165)

Just to place these models in context - the recent Fulgurex HO scale 231C Super pacific models cost in the region of £3,000 each. 

These are limited run, hand-built and professionally finished model - constructed to full NEM running standards

The next Modelbex HO project is the SNCF 141R in 7 versions

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