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Model-Scene CzModel-Scene Cz
Hand made trees and grasses - suitable for layouts and dioramas in a large range of scales 
High End Scale Models
Woodland Scenics Field systemWoodland Scenics Field system
New static grass system from Woodland Scenics

FA222573 Modern arched concrete bridge
FA222573FA222573 Modern arched concrete bridge

FA222573 Modern concrete arched bridge  N Gauge In Stock

PR10062 Film/TV Crew (5) And Accessories Exclusive Figure Set
PR10062PR10062 Film/TV Crew (5) And Accessories Exclusive Figure Set

 Preiser   10062 Film/TV Crew and Accessories Exclusive Figure Set. 5 Figures EpIII/IV  HO In Stock

PR10086 French Railway personnel
PR10086PR10086 French Railway personnel

 Preiser   10086 French Railway personnel. 6 Figures EpIII/IV  HO In Stock

PR10151 Set of 3 donkeys
PR10151PR10151 Set of 3 donkeys

 Preiser   10151 Set of 3 Donkeys. EpI/II/III/IV/V/VI  HO In Stock

PR10233 French Firemen
PR10233PR10233 French Firemen

 Preiser   10233 French Firemen. 6 Figures EpIII/IV  HO In Stock

PR10787 French Protestors
PR10787PR10787 French Protestors

 Preiser   10787 French Protestors. 6 Figures EpIV/V  HO In Stock

PR10788 French loco crew
PR10788PR10788 French loco crew

 Preiser   10788 French Steam loco crew. 6 Figures EpIII/IV  HO In Stock

PR10790 Wedding party
PR10790PR10790 Wedding party

 Preiser   10790 Wedding party. 8 Figures   HO In Stock

PR12132 Family group 1900s
PR12132PR12132 Family group 1900s

 Preiser   12132 Family group 1900's EpI  HO In Stock


Figure colours can vary

PR12138 Walking passengers 1900
PR12138PR12138 Walking passengers 1900

 Preiser   12138 Standing and walking Passengers 1900. 6 Figures EpI  HO In Stock

PR12176 Out for a walk winter 1900
PR12176PR12176 Out for a walk winter 1900

 Preiser   12176 Out for a walk Winter 1900. 6 Figures EpI  HO In Stock

PR12196 King Wilhelm II And Entourage 1900
PR12196PR12196 King Wilhelm II And Entourage 1900

 Preiser   12196 King Wilhelm II And Entourage 1900. 5 Figures 2 dogs EpI  HO In Stock

PR13402 Figure set 100years of womans suffrage
PR13402PR13402 Figure set 100years of womans suffrage

 Preiser   13402 Figure set 100years of woman's suffrage.  EpI/II  HO In Stock

PR14150 Set of 5 horses
PR14150PR14150 Set of 5 horses

 Preiser   14150 Set of 5 Horses. EpI/II/III/IV/V/VI  HO In Stock

PR14407 Set of 26 horses
PR14407PR14407 Set of 26 horses

 Preiser   14407 Set of 26 Horses. EpI/II/III/IV/V/VI  HO In Stock

PR14408 Set of 30 cows
PR14408PR14408 Set of 30 cows

 Preiser   14408 Set of 30 Cows. EpI/II/III/IV/V/VI  HO In Stock


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