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MBR TreesMBR Trees
Hand made trees and grasses - suitable for layouts and dioramas in a large range of scales Finally stock has arrived again
BUSCH -  Wonderful Scenery ProductsBUSCH - Wonderful Scenery Products
Woodland ScenicsWoodland Scenics
Scenic products for layouts and dioramas

FA222573 Modern arched concrete bridge
FA222573FA222573 Modern arched concrete bridge

FA222573 Modern concrete arched bridge  N Gauge In Stock

GM144 Noch Gras-master 3.0 Static Grass Applicator
GM144GM144 Noch Gras-master 3.0 Static Grass Applicator

 Gaugemaster/Noch  GM144 Noch Gras-master 3.0 Static Grass Applicator In Stock

Gaugemaster have negotiated a great discount on the market leading Noch 60110 Gras-master 3.0 (rrp £120)

The Gras-Master is produced by NOCH and remains the benchmark when it comes to professionally flocking grass onto model railway layouts, dioramas and model landscapes.

The first Gras-Master was a true revolution when it was released in 2005. It brought the industrial technology of electrostatic grass flocking to the amateur railway modeller - at an affordable price. Noch is now launching the Gras-Master 3.0.

It can look back over 15 years of experience and many thousands of devices sold to satisfied customers who have built great landscapes. This new device builds on and perfects the strengths of its predecessors.

The Gras-Master 3.0 is best described as compact, agile and powerful. The centrepiece is a small 9v battery which makes the device more compact and lighter. It is ideal for every model railway, diorama, landscape and any quick spontaneous task.

The device comes with three sieve attachments (fine, medium and coarse).

Fine 1.5mm-2.5mm grass fibres

Medium 2.5mm-6mm grass fibres

Coarse 6mm-12mm grass fibres

The power supply is provided by one 9v battery which guarantees an operating time of approximately. 3 to 4hours. The red LED indicates that the device is in operation.

PR10086 French Railway personnel
PR10086PR10086 French Railway personnel

 Preiser   10086 French Railway personnel. 6 Figures EpIII/IV  HO In Stock

PR10689 Riva Ariston Motorboat With Crew (3) Exclusive Figure Set
PR10689PR10689 Riva Ariston Motorboat With Crew (3) Exclusive Figure Set

 Preiser   10689 Riva Ariston Motorboat With Crew (3) Exclusive Figure Set. EpIII/IV/V/VI  HO In Stock

Warning - This model is not suitable for under 18s - Too decadent

PR10790 Wedding party
PR10790PR10790 Wedding party

 Preiser   10790 Wedding party. 8 Figures   HO In Stock

PR12135 Bathers 1900
PR12135PR12135 Bathers 1900

 Preiser   12135 Bathers 1900. 6 Figures EpI  HO In Stock

PR12138 Walking passengers 1900
PR12138PR12138 Walking passengers 1900

 Preiser   12138 Standing and walking Passengers 1900. 6 Figures EpI  HO In Stock

PR13402 Figure set 100years of womans suffrage
PR13402PR13402 Figure set 100years of womans suffrage

 Preiser   13402 Figure set 100years of woman's suffrage.  EpI/II  HO In Stock

PR14150 Set of 5 horses
PR14150PR14150 Set of 5 horses

 Preiser   14150 Set of 5 Horses. EpI/II/III/IV/V/VI  HO In Stock

PR14155 Set of 5 cows
PR14155PR14155 Set of 5 cows

 Preiser   14155 Set of 5 Cows EpI/II/III/IV/V/VI  HO In Stock

PR14161 Set of 18 Sheep
PR14161PR14161 Set of 18 Sheep

 Preiser   14161 Set of 18 Sheep. EpI/II/III/IV/V/VI  HO In Stock

PR14167 Set of 15 waterfowl
PR14167PR14167 Set of 15 waterfowl

 Preiser   14167 Set of 15 Waterfowl. EpI/II/III/IV/V/VI  HO In Stock

PR14407 Set of 26 horses
PR14407PR14407 Set of 26 horses

 Preiser   14407 Set of 26 Horses. EpI/II/III/IV/V/VI  HO In Stock

PR14408 Set of 30 cows
PR14408PR14408 Set of 30 cows

 Preiser   14408 Set of 30 Cows. EpI/II/III/IV/V/VI  HO In Stock

PR14409 Set of 30 cows
PR14409PR14409 Set of 30 cows

 Preiser   14409 Set of 30 Cows. EpI/II/III/IV/V/VI  HO In Stock

Proxxon 28472 Precision Drill/Grinder with 43 accessories
PROX28 472Proxxon 28472 Precision Drill/Grinder with 43 accessoriesPROXXON 28472 Precision Drill/Grinder with 43 accessories In Stock

The maximum speed of 22,000rpm is continuously variable down to 5,000rpm. The full wave electronic speed control results in virtually constant torque, even at lower speeds, in turn facilitating micro drilling, cleaning and polishing. The spindle runs in a precision ball bearing and is lifted with a lock button. The 20mm collar fits MICROMOT drill stands and vices. The machine is fitted with a special, balanced, low noise DC motor with high life expectancy. Stable housing of glass-fibre reinforced POLYAMIDE with soft components in the finger grip area. Complete with 43 quality inserts in a sturdy plastic case. The heart of our MICROMOT precision tools for 230V: the direct current (DC) special motor. Technical data: 5,000 - 22,000rpm. Maximum power consumption 100W, 230V. Length 200mm. Weight 450g. Insulated according to class 2 requirements. Keyless chuck with 0.3 - 3.2mm capacity.

Power 100Watts
Spindle speed - 5,000-20,000rpm

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