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MBE-008  SNCF 050 TB 11 Nord region  

MBE-008 SNCF 050 TB 11 Nord region

 REE Modeles  MBE-008 SNCF 050 TB  EpIII.  DCC Sound and Dynamic Smoke SNCF Black.  HO

Product for 2021 - manufactured by ESU (Product 31293) , exclusive liveries for REE.  - Price to be confirmed

2-050 TB 11 La Plaine depot SNCF Nord Region

One of 1236 locomotives built to the T16.1 design by Robert Garbe for the Prussian State Railways.  25 locomotives were ceded to the NORD Companie as reparations following the Armistice of WWI.
The T16.1 was simple and rugged with great traction. NORD company made a few modifications such as a new smokebox door design, bi-compound pump and T.I.A. treatment (Prevents lime scale build up in the boiler)
All these machines were incorporated by the SNCF and carried the numbers 2-050 TB 1 to 25. These machines were distributed in the depots of: La Plaine, Lens, Béthune, Arras and Valenciennes. The T16 were the first to be retired (050 TB 1- 050 TB 4 were earlier T16.0 locomotives), the last of the series disappeared by 1955.

Technical details:
2-rail DCC Sound Model  

  • Dynamic smoke generator synchronised with exhaust beat.
  • DCC Digital sound with ESU LokSound 4.0.
  • Metal housing and chassis.
  • Separately applied brass and plastic detail parts.
  • Separate hand rails and lanterns.
  • Sprung buffers.
  • Digital remote-controlled coupler mounted onto close coupler kinematics as per NEM 362.
  • Coreless motor with flywheel Five axes driven through side rods.
  • Two traction tires.
  • Universal electronics for usage on both DC and AC layouts.
  • Headlights, cab lighting and firebox glow.
  • Point and curve sensors that will trigger flange squeal sounds.
  • Minimum radius 420mm. (Fleischmann R2 420mm, Roco R3 419.6mm, Peco R2 438mm)
  • “PowerPack” storage capacitor for uninterrupted power supply.
  • Length over buffers 145,5 mm.

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