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MBE-005 PLM 050 AT
MBE-005 PLM 050 AT

MBE-005 PLM 050 AT

 REE Modeles  MBE-005 PLM 050 TA  EpII.  DCC Sound and Dynamic Smoke PLM Olive Green.  HO
2022 product - manufactured by ESU (Product 31292) , exclusive liveries for REE.  - Price to be confirmed

050 AT 29 PLM
The Armistice commission awarded the Paris-Lyon-Méditerranée Railway Company thirty-one Former Prussian T16 machines
5801 to 5807  (later 5 AT 1 to 7) of type T 16.0
5808 to 5812  (Later 5 AT 8 to 12) of type T16 normal
5813 to 5831 (Later 5 AT 13 to 31) of type T 16.1
The entire series passed to the SNCF and were registered 5-050 TA 1 to 31. They were divided between the depots of Miramas, Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, Ambérieux and Lyon-Vaise. They were retired around 1953.

Technical details:
2-rail DCC Sound Model  

  • Dynamic smoke generator synchronised with exhaust beat.
  • DCC Digital sound with ESU LokSound 4.0.
  • Metal housing and chassis.
  • Separately applied brass and plastic detail parts.
  • Separate hand rails and lanterns.
  • Sprung buffers.
  • Digital remote-controlled coupler mounted onto close coupler kinematics as per NEM 362.
  • Coreless motor with flywheel Five axes driven through side rods.
  • Two traction tires.
  • Universal electronics for usage on both DC and AC layouts.
  • Headlights, cab lighting and firebox glow.
  • Point and curve sensors that will trigger flange squeal sounds.
  • Minimum radius 420mm. (Fleischmann R2 420mm, Roco R3 419.6mm, Peco R2 438mm)
  • “PowerPack” storage capacitor for uninterrupted power supply.
  • Length over buffers 145,5 mm.

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