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LocoNet: The model railway network work - fast and safe

Please Note that LocoNet and XpressNet are not directly compatible.  

The LocoNet bus is an inexpensive and safe way for connecting digital center, control devices, Feedback modules, switch modules and other elements. Simply stated: the entire layout can be wired with LocoNet.
LocoNet was developed by Digitrax and has been widely adopted. It used by Uhlenbrock, Digitrax, Fleischmann, Piko and the other manufacturers.
All accessory devices are connected to the LocoNet. Devices from other manufacturers may also be used. For setting up a network we offer a multiplicity of suitable, inexpensive, elements. Cable runs of up to 100 meters are absolutely no problem for the LocoNet.
The LocoNet uses a six way cable and is easily managed by using RJ-12 modular connectors. The ease of insertion and extraction of the connectors makes the design of modular layouts far simpler. In addition it does not matter where in the LocoNet a module is attached. Any vacant LocoNet socket can be used. For mobile hand control one can plan sockets in the side panels of the layout to connect oneself at lightning speed at any location on the layout.
All devices that are connected to the LocoNet, obtain their operating power from the LocoNet. The necessary current is provided to the LocoNet by the digital center. When using an Intellibox this is 500 mA.
If the current consumption of the attached devices exceeds the current supplied by the digital center, then an additional LocoNet Power feed unit is necessary. The LocoNet Power Feed Unit (63 100)is equipped with a load indicator. A power plug pack is supplied.

62000A LocoNet Cable Tester
UH62000A62000A LocoNet Cable Tester

Uhlenbrock 62000 LocoNet Cable Tester

  • Recognises short circuits
  • Tests for continuity
  • Recognises crossed cables
  • Testing of single or multiple cables
  • Identify New and Old LocoNet cables (On old LocoNet the cables are reversed)
  • Can also be used for XpressNet and other cables that have RJ11, RJ12 and RJ45 plugs

Contains Cable tester, protective pouch, 9V battery

Uhlenbrock 62015 Cable
UH62015Uhlenbrock 62015 Cable

Uhlenbrock 62015 Cable

28cm LocoNet cable plug to plug

Uhlenbrock 62045 Cable
UH62045Uhlenbrock 62045 Cable

Uhlenbrock 62045 Cable (Fleischmann 6888)

60cm LocoNet cable plug to plug

Uhlenbrock 62065 Cable
UH62065Uhlenbrock 62065 Cable

Uhlenbrock 62065 Cable

6 metre LocoNet cable plug to plug

Uhlenbrock 62120 Cable
UH62120Uhlenbrock 62120 Cable

Uhlenbrock 62120 Junction Cable

2.15m LocoNet branch cable plug to double socket

Uhlenbrock 62225 LocoNet Coupling
UH62225Uhlenbrock 62225 LocoNet Coupling

Uhlenbrock 62225 LocoNet Coupling (Fleischmann 6889)

Coupling Block Socket to socket

Uhlenbrock 62260 LocoNet Distribution Panel
UH62260Uhlenbrock 62260 LocoNet Distribution Panel

Uhlenbrock 62260 6-Way LocoNet Distribution Panel

The locoNet distribution panel may be fitted under a layout or mounted into the layout frame, with the enclosed front panel.  The unit also has an inbuilt load indicator.

If you connect the 62270 transformer you can provide an additional 500mA to three of the locoNet outputs  (These will be LocoNet T).  The remaining LocoNet outputs will be LocoNet T or LocoNet B depending on which LocoNet output on the command station they are connected to.


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