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Lenz Digital-plus System Accessories

With XpressNet accessories, you can easily mount connections for several manual controls and modules on your model railway layout. XpressNet can be extended up to a length of more than 1000 m.

DCC Digital Command Control Help This is a link to our DCC Help pages

80001 LY001 Connector set
LENZ8000180001 LY001 Connector set

Lenz  80001 LY001 Connector set 

Pluggable terminal screws for LZV100, LV102
the set comprises: one 3-pin plug, two 4-pin plugs and one 5-pin plug

80006 LY006 XpressNet Cable
LENZ8000680006 LY006 XpressNet Cable

Lenz  80006 LY006 XpressNet Cable 

  • One end of the connecting cable is fitted with a 6-pin Western plug
  • the other end of the connecting cable is equipped with a 5-pin DIN plug
  • the cable is coiled and has an extended length of 3 m
80007 LY007 XpressNet Cable
LENZ8000780007 LY007 XpressNet Cable

Lenz  80007 LY007 XpressNet Cable 

  • both ends of the connecting cable fitted with a 6-pin Western plug
  • the cable is coiled and has an extended length of 3 m
80015 LY015 NEM651 plug
LENZ8001580015 LY015 NEM651 plug

Lenz 80015 LY015 NEM651 plug 

- 6-pin plug for NEM651 interface for soldering wires

80152 LA152 Adaptor including Front Panel
LENZ8015280152 LA152 Adaptor including Front Panel

Lenz 80152 LA152 Adaptor including Front Panel 

This adapter is used for connecting further input devices to XpressNet.

  • the LED is used for controlling the XpressNet voltage
  • two five-pin DIN sockets and one Western plug at the front for connecting manual controls to XpressNet
  • terminal screws for connecting XpressNet connections
25150 LW150 Mimic panel module
LENZ2515025150 LW150 Mimic panel module

Lenz  25150 LW150 Mimic panel module.  Now Available

Construct a mimic panel for your layout using the LW150.  16 accessory addresses may be controlled (Points and signals).  32 LEDs can also be powered to show the position of the 16 accessories.  Modules may be combined to make larger panels.  German Manual only at present - English help for LW150

The LW150 connects to XpressNet through the LMAB connector on the Lenz LZV100 command station or through the 80152 LY152 faceplate.  Up to 31 XpressNet devices can be connected to a system.


26160 Power supply for LW150
LENZ2616026160 Power supply for LW150

Lenz 26160 additional Power Supply for LW150 module.  Now Available

On a large system that uses a number of XpressNet devices you may find that you need additional power.  The LW150 has a socket that allows you to feed additional power into XpressNet using a 26160 transformer.

The LZV100 provides 300mA to XpressNet. Below is a table of XpressNet devices and the power that they use:


Item Connection Power requirement
LH100 Handset XpressNet (LMAB) 28mA
LH90 Handset XpressNet (LMAB) 18mA
LH01 Handset XpressNet (LMAB) 30mA
USB Interface XpressNet (LMAB) 21mA
LW150 without LEDs XpressNet (LMAB) 18mA
LW150 with LEDs XpressNet (LMAB) 39mA
LS100 Feedback connection RS 1.5mA
LR101 Feeback module RS 1.5mA
LV101 Booster CDE 10mA

62000A LocoNet Cable Tester
UH62000A62000A LocoNet Cable Tester

Uhlenbrock 62000 LocoNet Cable Tester

  • Recognises short circuits
  • Tests for continuity
  • Recognises crossed cables
  • Testing of single or multiple cables
  • Identify New and Old LocoNet cables (On old LocoNet the cables are reversed)
  • Can also be used for XpressNet and other cables that have RJ11, RJ12 and RJ45 plugs

Contains Cable tester, protective pouch, 9V battery

80145 LY145 LED Expansion set for LW150
LENZ8014580145 LY145 LED Expansion set for LW150

Lenz 80145 Expansion set for LW150 module.  

Ribbon cable and 32 yellow LEDs for illuminating the accessories on a mimic panel

80160 LY160 XpressNet Cable 2.5m
LENZ8016080160 LY160 XpressNet Cable 2.5m

Lenz 80160 LY160 XpressNet Cable 2.5m  

  • both ends of the connecting cable are fitted with 6-pin Western plugs
  • the cable has a length of 2.5 m
80161 LY161 XpressNet Cable 5m
LENZ8016180161 LY161 XpressNet Cable 5m

Lenz 80161 LY161 XpressNet Cable 5m  

  • both ends of the connecting cable are fitted with 6-pin Western plugs
  • the cable has a length of 5 m
Uhlenbrock 61070 USB Cable for IB II
UH61070Uhlenbrock 61070 USB Cable for IB II

Uhlenbrock 61070 USB Cable for Intellibox II (65100) and Intellibox IR (65050)
Cable with USB-B and USB-A connectors


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