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A brief at the programming the LS150 Accessory Decoder.

Please also consult the manual for wiring information - LS150 Manual

Using the LS150 Accessory Decoder with DC point motors, such as Kato Unitrack.

When using the LS150 with other digital systems you may have to manually programme the address for each output.  See video below:

Using the LS150 Accessory Decoder with Peco PL10 motors.

Lenz 11150 LS150 Accessory decoder for 6 turnouts
LENZ11150Lenz 11150 LS150 Accessory decoder for 6 turnouts

Lenz 11150 LS150 Accessory decoder for 6 turnouts 
The DIGITAL plus LS150 turnout decoder provides cost effective turnout control for up to 6 independent turnouts.

  • Suitable for twin-coil snap action switch machines
  • Suitable for motorized switch machines
  • High current provision to support Peco and Atlas switch machines
  • The 6 turnout addresses can be sequential or up to 6 user selected addresses.
  • Control using separate push-buttons possible.
  • Configuring the LS150 does not require a separate programming track and the parameters can be changed at any time in the future even after installation

LS150 Manual

A & H Help page for LS150

Lenz 26001 TR100 Transformer 15v, 45vA
LENZ26001Lenz 26001 TR100 Transformer 15v, 45vA

Lenz 26001 TR100 Transformer 15V, 45VA for small & medium gauges. Item 26000 with a UK three pin plug


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