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A look at the programming options available on the LS100 Accessory Decoder.

Please use this in conjunction with the decoder manual - LS100 manual

11010 LA010
LENZ1101011010 LA010

Lenz 11010 LA010 Adaptor for connection of accessory decoders LS100 to DC point motors such as Tortoise, LGB and Kato Unitrack

LA010 Manual

11100 LS100 Accessory decoder for 4 turnouts with feedback
LENZ1110011100 LS100 Accessory decoder for 4 turnouts with feedback

Lenz 11100 LS100 Accessory decoder for 4 turnouts with feedback 
Accessory decoders are the link between your NMRA DCC system and your functional devices (that is turnouts, signals, uncouplers, etc.) on your model train layout.
Accessory decoders receive commands sent from the command station via the power station and activate the drives of turnouts or other switching devices. For DIGITAL plus systems these switching commands are activated from input devices, such as, hand held controller LH100 or LH90 (or in connection with another, compatible digital system).
Dimensions: approximately 3.5 x 3.5” (90 x 90 mm)

3 Amp Maximum 16 v AC Power input needed

LS100 Manual

A & H Help page for the LS100

26001 TR100 Transformer 15v, 45vA
LENZ2600126001 TR100 Transformer 15v, 45vA

Lenz 26001 TR100 Transformer 15V, 45VA for small & medium gauges. Item 26000 with a UK three pin plug


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