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Lenz is a Stable and long term advocate of DCC.  They have been here since the start of DCC in 1991.  They look after their products and make sure that they have a long service life.  For many of us railway modelling is a life long hobby - We like to know that we will receive many years of enjoyment from our equipment. 
A & H models import and distribute Lenz for the UK.  We are here to provide products and help and we can arrange repairs for current products.  

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80152 LA152 Adaptor including Front Panel
LENZ8015280152 LA152 Adaptor including Front Panel

Lenz 80152 LA152 Adaptor including Front Panel 

This adapter is used for connecting further input devices to XpressNet.

  • the LED is used for controlling the XpressNet voltage
  • two five-pin DIN sockets and one Western plug at the front for connecting manual controls to XpressNet
  • terminal screws for connecting XpressNet connections
80160 LY160 XpressNet Cable 2.5m
LENZ8016080160 LY160 XpressNet Cable 2.5m

Lenz 80160 LY160 XpressNet Cable 2.5m  

  • both ends of the connecting cable are fitted with 6-pin Western plugs
  • the cable has a length of 2.5 m
80161 LY161 XpressNet Cable 5m
LENZ8016180161 LY161 XpressNet Cable 5m

Lenz 80161 LY161 XpressNet Cable 5m  

  • both ends of the connecting cable are fitted with 6-pin Western plugs
  • the cable has a length of 5 m

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