Lenz DCC Locomotive Decoders

The Advantages of the Lenz Locomotive Decoder Range

All Lenz decoders have the following features:

  • Super smooth locomotive running whether it is low speed shunting or accelerating a decelerating
  • Full conformance with the NMRA DCC Recommended practices
  • 9,999 locomotive addresses may be used
  • Locomotives fitted with Lenz decoders can still run on 12v DC (analog) layouts
  • RailCom feedback signal 
  • Multi-Traction is possible (on DCC systems that support it)
  • Decoders can run on 14/27 and 28/128 speed step formats allowing them to be used on both new and old DCC Systems.
  • 10 Year Manufacturers warranty  

The SILVER decoder range:

Silver decoders have all the features of the Standard decoder plus they also work with the Lenz Automatic Braking Control System (ABC)

Silver Mini decoders and Silver PluX12 have solder points for S.U.S.I. so a sound module may be connected

The GOLD Decoder range:

In addition to all the features of the Silver decoder, Gold decoders have solder pads for the Lenz Uninterrupted Power Supply  (USP)

Gold Mini decoders have solder points for S.U.S.I. so a sound module may be connected.  Gold 10433 and 10440 have a dedicated S.U.S.I. socket  for easy addition of a Sound Module

 Click here for more information and Videos of Lenz decoders being installed in DCC ready locomotives

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