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Status feedback

Status feedback contains information about:

  • whether a point is currently switched to 'branch' or 'straight' (LS100)
  • whether a track contact is activated (LR101)
  • whether a track is occupied (LB101, LB050)

Help with the Lenz occupation detection modules

Information Feedback with RailCom

RailCom not only facilitates the identification of a locomotive (i.e. the detection of the locomotive address), but also provides other data (e.g. speed, CV content, etc.). 

 This is a link to our DCC Help pages

Lenz 11201 LR101 Feedback module with 8 outlets
LENZ11201Lenz 11201 LR101 Feedback module with 8 outlets

Lenz 11201 LR101 Feedback module with 8 outlets

The most well known and commonly used form of feedback is information as to if a track on your model train layout is occupied or not. Even when you control your layout “only” by hand, you will surely want to know the status of tracks that can’t be seen. Hidden staging yards are referred to as “hidden” for a reason.

Feedback is absolutely necessary for fully or partially automated operation. How else will a computer program “see” if a particular track is free or not? This information is needed in order to know if a train may enter a particular track or not.

The feedback module LR101 has 8 inputs to connect switch contacts or occupancy detectors LB101 and 1 input to connect a voltage detector LB050.

To bridge unstable switch conditions (e.g. temporary interruptions of the power supply), each signal input can be assigned a programmable delay time for feedback on the occupancy status of a track. The status is reported to the command station LZV100 or LZV200 via the feedback bus. The status can be displayed with a manual control LH100 or LH101 or a PC (via the Digital plus interface).

Lenz 11210 LB101 Occupancy module
LENZ11210Lenz 11210 LB101 Occupancy module

Lenz 11210 LB101 Occupancy module

In order to detect the status of tracks the LB101 functions as a current sensor, and is inserted between the LR101 and the monitored track section. The LB101 can monitor two track sections independently from each other.

General information about the LB101 Dual Occupancy Detector:

The LB101 contains two independent occupancy detectors, each of which can be used to detect that a train or piece of rolling stock occupies a section of track. It operates on the so called “current sensing principle”. The LB101 only detects occupancy when there is a "current consumer" within the monitored track section (detection section). The LB101 has been designed to detect a decoder equipped locomotive or a single car with lighting or resistor wheelsets.

When the LB101 detects that there is something it its detection zone, the LB101 closes an electronic switch. This switch can be used to trigger layout feedback devices such as the DIGITAL plus LR101 encoder,
or other low current electronic inputs such as those used to trigger some signal systems. The LB101 is compatible with all NMRA DCC systems.

Lenz 11230 LRB08 Feedback module
LENZ11230Lenz 11230 LRB08 Feedback module

Lenz  11230 LRB08 Feedback and occupancy module  

New 2022

The LRB08 is a combined occupancy and feedback detector. This combination in one device simplifies the wiring of the model railway considerably compared to the LR101 and LB101 modules. The occupancy status of up to 8 track sections can be monitored independently by one LRB08. The statuses are reported via the R, S bus to the LZV200 central unit (LZV100, LZ100). The maximum current capacity of each section is 4A. The total load capacity (current flow at all outputs) must not exceed 5A.

Manual for LRB08

Lenz 12200 LK200 Reverse-loop module
LENZ12200Lenz 12200 LK200 Reverse-loop module

Lenz  12200 LK200 Reverse-loop module 

This newly developed module LK200 is safe due to fault current principle, polarity change takes place at 100mA residual current, indicated by LED. Switching is carried out electronically without  a relay giving high change speed and no mechanical wear. Wiring is very easy (like LK100), no additional control connections, sensor tracks or the like required. Maximum load capacity: 5A.

The LK200 is the real solution for reverse loops, triangles and turntables: easy wiring, high switching speed and as much safety as possible.  Make you reverse sections long enough to accommadate the longest train that will use them so that you do not bridge both ends of the insulated track at the same time.

The LK200 is not intended to switch polarity on the frogs (Vee) of Electrofrog diamond crossovers  (Peco SL-E193 SL-E194...)

Link to LK200 Manual - PDF with German, English and French instructions

Lenz 25150 LW150 Mimic panel module
LENZ25150Lenz 25150 LW150 Mimic panel module

Lenz  25150 LW150 Mimic panel module.  

Construct a mimic panel for your layout using the LW150.  16 accessory addresses may be controlled (Points and signals).  32 LEDs can also be powered to show the position of the 16 accessories.  Modules may be combined to make larger panels.  German Manual only at present - English help for LW150

The LW150 connects to XpressNet through the LMAB connector on the Lenz LZV100 command station or through the 80152 LY152 faceplate.  Up to 31 XpressNet devices can be connected to a system.


Lenz 26160 Power supply for LW150
LENZ26160Lenz 26160 Power supply for LW150

Lenz 26160 additional Power Supply for LW150 module.  Now Available

On a large system that uses a number of XpressNet devices you may find that you need additional power.  The LW150 has a socket that allows you to feed additional power into XpressNet using a 26160 transformer.

The LZV100 provides 300mA to XpressNet. Below is a table of XpressNet devices and the power that they use:


Item Connection Power requirement
LH100 Handset XpressNet (LMAB) 28mA
LH90 Handset XpressNet (LMAB) 18mA
LH01 Handset XpressNet (LMAB) 30mA
USB Interface XpressNet (LMAB) 21mA
LW150 without LEDs XpressNet (LMAB) 18mA
LW150 with LEDs XpressNet (LMAB) 39mA
LS100 Feedback connection RS 1.5mA
LR101 Feeback module RS 1.5mA
LV101 Booster CDE 10mA

Lenz 80145 LY145 LED Expansion set for LW150
LENZ80145Lenz 80145 LY145 LED Expansion set for LW150

Lenz 80145 Expansion set for LW150 module.  

Ribbon cable and 32 yellow LEDs for illuminating the accessories on a mimic panel

Lenz 80152 LA152 Adaptor including Front Panel
LENZ80152Lenz 80152 LA152 Adaptor including Front Panel

Lenz 80152 LA152 Adaptor including Front Panel 

This adapter is used for connecting further input devices to XpressNet.

  • the LED is used for controlling the XpressNet voltage
  • two five-pin DIN sockets and one Western plug at the front for connecting manual controls to XpressNet
  • terminal screws for connecting XpressNet connections

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