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Accessory Decoders

These stationary decoders allow you to switch points, signals and lights using DCC accessory addresses.

Please note that the Lenz system uses addresses as specified by the NMRA Recommended practices.

On the Lenz system, locomotive addresses, accessory addresses and feedback addresses can all be used together with no conflicts so you can have loco number 1, point number 1 and feedback number 1 on the same layout without there being a problem.

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Lenz 11010 LA010
LENZ11010Lenz 11010 LA010

Lenz 11010 LA010 Adaptor for connection of accessory decoders LS100 to DC point motors such as Tortoise, LGB and Kato Unitrack

Lenz 11101 LS101 Accessory decoder for 4 turnouts with feedback
LENZ11101Lenz 11101 LS101 Accessory decoder for 4 turnouts with feedback

Lenz 11101 LS101 Accessory decoder for 4 turnouts with feedback 
New 2023

Components used to manufacture the LS100 have become difficult to source so the LS101 has been designed to use new technology to provide the same function as the older LS100

Accessory decoders are the link between your NMRA DCC system and your functional devices (that is turnouts, signals, uncouplers, etc.) on your model train layout.
Accessory decoders receive commands sent from the command station via the power station and activate the drives of turnouts or other switching devices. For DIGITAL plus systems these switching commands are activated from input devices, such as, hand held controller LH101, LH100 or LH90 (or in connection with another, compatible digital system).
Dimensions: approximately 3.5 x 3.5” (90 x 90 mm)

3 Amp Maximum 16 v AC Power input needed

Lenz 11150 LS150 Accessory decoder for 6 turnouts
LENZ11150Lenz 11150 LS150 Accessory decoder for 6 turnouts

Lenz 11150 LS150 Accessory decoder for 6 turnouts 
The DIGITAL plus LS150 turnout decoder provides cost effective turnout control for up to 6 independent turnouts.

  • Suitable for twin-coil snap action switch machines
  • Suitable for motorized switch machines
  • High current provision to support Peco and Atlas switch machines
  • The 6 turnout addresses can be sequential or up to 6 user selected addresses.
  • Control using separate push-buttons possible.
  • Configuring the LS150 does not require a separate programming track and the parameters can be changed at any time in the future even after installation

LS150 Manual

A & H Help page for LS150

Lenz 25150 LW150 Mimic panel module
LENZ25150Lenz 25150 LW150 Mimic panel module

Lenz  25150 LW150 Mimic panel module.  

Construct a mimic panel for your layout using the LW150.  16 accessory addresses may be controlled (Points and signals).  32 LEDs can also be powered to show the position of the 16 accessories.  Modules may be combined to make larger panels.  German Manual only at present - English help for LW150

The LW150 connects to XpressNet through the LMAB connector on the Lenz LZV100 command station or through the 80152 LY152 faceplate.  Up to 31 XpressNet devices can be connected to a system.


Lenz 26160 Power supply for LW150
LENZ26160Lenz 26160 Power supply for LW150

Lenz 26160 additional Power Supply for LW150 module.  Now Available

On a large system that uses a number of XpressNet devices you may find that you need additional power.  The LW150 has a socket that allows you to feed additional power into XpressNet using a 26160 transformer.

The LZV100 provides 300mA to XpressNet. Below is a table of XpressNet devices and the power that they use:


Item Connection Power requirement
LH100 Handset XpressNet (LMAB) 28mA
LH90 Handset XpressNet (LMAB) 18mA
LH01 Handset XpressNet (LMAB) 30mA
USB Interface XpressNet (LMAB) 21mA
LW150 without LEDs XpressNet (LMAB) 18mA
LW150 with LEDs XpressNet (LMAB) 39mA
LS100 Feedback connection RS 1.5mA
LR101 Feeback module RS 1.5mA
LV101 Booster CDE 10mA

Lenz 80145 LY145 LED Expansion set for LW150
LENZ80145Lenz 80145 LY145 LED Expansion set for LW150

Lenz 80145 Expansion set for LW150 module.  

Ribbon cable and 32 yellow LEDs for illuminating the accessories on a mimic panel

Lenz 80152 LA152 Adaptor including Front Panel
LENZ80152Lenz 80152 LA152 Adaptor including Front Panel

Lenz 80152 LA152 Adaptor including Front Panel 

This adapter is used for connecting further input devices to XpressNet.

  • the LED is used for controlling the XpressNet voltage
  • two five-pin DIN sockets and one Western plug at the front for connecting manual controls to XpressNet
  • terminal screws for connecting XpressNet connections

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