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Lenz 21010 Handset LH01
Lenz 21010 Handset LH01 Lenz 21010 Handset LH01 Lenz 21010 Handset LH01

Lenz 21010 Handset LH01

Lenz  21010 Hand controller LH01 

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This is Lenz' new entry level XpressNet Handset. The LH01 will work  with LZV100 command station on Version 3.6. The design is minimalistic in order to give the greatest functionality for the least price.
The LH01 Handset has a 4 digit display and one large control knob that works like a games consol control or a system control in a prestige car - the rotary knob can also be pressed in four directions and pressed in the middle so that you can enter the menues.  In this way Lenz can offer a high specification for a low price:

  • For up to 9999 digital motor vehicles
  • Setting of 4-digit locomotive addresses on Read and Write Programming track
  • 28 speed steps
  • 29 functions for each locomotive
  • Functions can be continuous or momentary by button press
  • RailCom enabled programming in operational mode (PoM).  Standard POM can also be performed on decoders without RailCom
  • Double traction
  • connect up to 31 input devices to our universal input bus XpressNet.
  • points, signals and other magnetic articles can be switched.
  • Protected against short-circuit and overheat.

GTIN: 4044955001442
Item for collectors: Intended for collectors aged 14+

Our Price: £75.95

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