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Lenz 11201 LR101 Feedback module with 8 outlets  

Lenz 11201 LR101 Feedback module with 8 outlets

Lenz 11201 LR101 Feedback module with 8 outlets

The most well known and commonly used form of feedback is information as to if a track on your model train layout is occupied or not. Even when you control your layout “only” by hand, you will surely want to know the status of tracks that can’t be seen. Hidden staging yards are referred to as “hidden” for a reason.

Feedback is absolutely necessary for fully or partially automated operation. How else will a computer program “see” if a particular track is free or not? This information is needed in order to know if a train may enter a particular track or not.

The feedback module LR101 has 8 inputs to connect switch contacts or occupancy detectors LB101 and 1 input to connect a voltage detector LB050.

To bridge unstable switch conditions (e.g. temporary interruptions of the power supply), each signal input can be assigned a programmable delay time for feedback on the occupancy status of a track. The status is reported to the command station LZV100 or LZV200 via the feedback bus. The status can be displayed with a manual control LH100 or LH101 or a PC (via the Digital plus interface).

GTIN: 4044955112018

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