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Track Control Mimic PanelTrack Control Mimic Panel
Uhlenbrock Track Control - Mimic DiagramUhlenbrock Track Control - Mimic Diagram

Uhlenbrock 63410 LocoNet Switch Module
UH63410Uhlenbrock 63410 LocoNet Switch Module

Uhlenbrock 63410 LocoNet Switch Module

The LocoNet Switch Module is a switch and solenoid decoder that can control up to 10 turnouts or light signals.

Designed for efficient point motors such as Fleischmann, Roco, Marklin, Arnold, Trix....  NOT suitable for inefficient, extremely high power consumption, under board mounted solenoid point motors. Those that draw over 1 Amp in operation.  Check with point motor manufacturer.

  • With 20 switching outputs at 1Amp
  • Each output can be individually configured for momentary operation (Turnouts or Solenoids) or for continuous operation (Lights and Signals)
  • Can control multi-aspect signals
  • Lights may be faded in and dimmed out allowing slow changeover between lighting aspects
  • All outputs may be switched by solenoid commands or feedback instructions
  • 2 independantly adjustable blinker generators make different effects possible. For example; Level crossing lights may use a combination of flashing with fade-in and fade-out to increase their realism. A combination of the two flashing generators could simulate a faulty streetlamp.
  • Configurable via LocoNet CV from the center
  • Addresses in the range 1-2048
  • Separate transformer input to remove driving load from main track transformer.

Recommended transformer 70VA (Article  20 075)   Examples, including films,  of use can be seen on our help pages

Uhlenbrock 69091 Track Control Foils
UH69091Uhlenbrock 69091 Track Control Foils

Uhlenbrock 69091 Track Control Foils - Turnout and Crossing Symbols

Uhlenbrock 69092 Track Control Foils
UH69092Uhlenbrock 69092 Track Control Foils

Uhlenbrock 69092 Track Control Foils - Curves and Straights

Uhlenbrock 69093 Track Control Foils
UH69093Uhlenbrock 69093 Track Control Foils

Uhlenbrock 69093 Track Control Foils - Signals

Uhlenbrock 69094 Track Control Foils
UH69094Uhlenbrock 69094 Track Control Foils

Uhlenbrock 69094 Track Control Foils - Crossing without motor, turntable, route memory, train number display, empty fields

Uhlenbrock 69095 Track Control Foils
UH69095Uhlenbrock 69095 Track Control Foils

Uhlenbrock 69095 Track Control Foils - track and empty fields

Uhlenbrock 69110 Thirty Coloured Key Caps
UH69110Uhlenbrock 69110 Thirty Coloured Key Caps

Uhlenbrock 69110 Coloured Key Caps

Pack of 30 Track control key caps (5 each Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Black and White)

Uhlenbrock 69210 Two Cross Connection PCBs
UH69210Uhlenbrock 69210 Two Cross Connection PCBs

Uhlenbrock 69210 Pack of two Track Control Cross Connection PCBs with occupation indicators

Uhlenbrock 69214 Two Connecting PCBs with Indicators
UH69214Uhlenbrock 69214 Two Connecting PCBs with Indicators

Uhlenbrock 69214 Two Connecting PCBs with Occupation Indicators

Uhlenbrock 69230 Signal PCB
UH69230Uhlenbrock 69230 Signal PCB

Uhlenbrock 69230 Signal PCB

Use for Main, Shunting, Exit and Entry signals.  Can also be used for route start, route finish or auxilliary keys
Stock Clearance £13.85 (rrp £21.85)

Uhlenbrock 69260 Track Control 3-Key Segment
UH69260Uhlenbrock 69260 Track Control 3-Key Segment

Uhlenbrock 69260 Track Control 3-Key Segment

By combining 3 keys in a segment you save space and have more flexibility in the organisation of the panel.

Stock Clearance  £17.50 (rrp £27.60)

Manual for 69260

Uhlenbrock 69270 Track Control Joystick
UH69270Uhlenbrock 69270 Track Control Joystick

Uhlenbrock 69270 Track Control Joystick

Taking up only one segment on a panel the Joystick can control working DCC models such as cranes.
Manual for 69270

Uhlenbrock 69300 Track Control Speed Controller
UH69300Uhlenbrock 69300 Track Control Speed Controller

Uhlenbrock 69300 Track Control Speed Controller

  • Inserts into the Track Controller
  • Switches 16 special functions and the light function
  • With DirectDrive function
  • Up to 9999 locomotive addresses
  • Rotary controller without end-stop and with reversing switch, AC and DC operating mode
  • Emergency stop
The speed controller is as large as three other desk segments and is easily integrated into the control desk. Up to 9999 locomotives can be selected and controlled with the figure keys f0 to f9.
The running speed is set with the continuous rotary knob. A press of the control knob changes the driving direction. The function keys control the light and switches up to 16 special functions.

Instructions for 69300 - see section 4.7 of the linked manual

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