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Kato Unitrack is a highly durable snap together trackage system that may be clipped together for a running session or more permanently mounted on a layout. The track is ballasted and all of the points are fitted with discrete motors within the ballast. All wiring just plugs in and the track is ideal for DCC operation.

All Minitrix and Fleischmann N gauge locomotives may operate over the tightest radius (R216).  Kato recommend that their high speed multiple units such as Eurostar, TGVs and bullet trains are run on larger radii curves.

We keep large stocks of Kato N Unitrack - we try to only show items that we have, in stock, on our website.  When items are missing we can usually source them in short order.


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Kato Unitrack Help SectionKato Unitrack Help Section

K20-852 Master Pack BM1
K20852K20-852 Master Pack BM1

KATO N Gauge 20-852 BM1 Basic Oval with passing loop and UK Power controller normal rrp £89.95  Curves 315mm Radius.  In Stock
1 x 22-018 UK Power controller
1 x 22-082 UK Power Pack 
4 x 20-000 Straight track 248mm
1 x 20-020 Straight track 124mm
1 x 20-021 Road crossing track 124mm
1 x 20-040 Straight track 62mm
1 x 20-041 Straight power feed track 62mm
8 x 20-120 Curve track 315mm radius 45o
1 x 24-000 Train re-railer and UniJoiner tool

K20-860 Variation Pack V1
K20860K20-860 Variation Pack V1

KATO N Gauge 20-860 V1 Passing loop track expansion pack. Electrified points include point switches.  In Stock

6 x 20-000 Straight track 248mm
2 x 20-150 Curve track 718mm Radius 15o
1 x 20-202 Left hand point 718mm radius
1 x 20-203 Right hand point 718mm radius
2 x 24-840 Point control switches

K20-863 Variation Pack
K20863K20-863 Variation Pack

KATO N Gauge 20-863 V4 Passing loop / siding expansion pack  In stock

4 x 20-000 Straight track 248mm
2 x 20-010 Straight track 186mm
1 x S60L Special Straight track, beveled left 60mm
1 x S60R Special Straight track, beveled right 60mm
2 x 20-160 Curve track 481mm Radius 15o
1 x 20-220 Left hand point 481mm radius
1 x 20-221 Right hand point 481mm radius
2 x 24-840 Point control switches

K20-873 V14 Variation Pack
K20873K20-873 V14 Variation Pack

KATO N Gauge 20-873 V14 Double Track Inside Variation Pack with banked curves. In Stock

K22-018 + 22-082 N Gauge Powerpack and transformer
K22018K22-018 + 22-082 N Gauge Powerpack and transformer

KATO N Gauge 22-018 + 22-082 N Gauge Powerpack and UK transformer  In Stock

K24-000 Re-railer
K24000K24-000 Re-railer

KATO N Gauge K24-000 Re-railer - A handy tool that guides rolling stock neatly onto the rails.  In Stock

K24-815 Spare Track Joiners
K24815K24-815 Spare Track Joiners

KATO N Gauge 24-815 Spare Track Joiners. Pack of 20. In Stock

K24-816 Insulated Track Joiners
K24816K24-816 Insulated Track Joiners

KATO N Gauge 24-816 Insulated Track Joiners. Pack of 20. In Stock

K24-818 Power feed
K24818K24-818 Power feed

KATO N Gauge K24-818 Power feed connected to rail joiners.   In Stock

K24-840 Point Switch
K24840K24-840 Point Switch

KATO N Gauge 24-840 Point Switch. 12v DC point switch. Just clips together to to the Kato transformer and point motor - no soldering necessary. A bank of switches may be assembled by clipping them side by side. May be used with transformers of other manufacture by adding a 24-842 AC-DC power converter. In Stock

K24-841 Turnout Extension Cord  90cm
K24841K24-841 Turnout Extension Cord 90cm

KATO N Gauge K24-841 Turnout Extension cord 90cm  - for extending the length of point motor cables.   In Stock

K24-842 Point Switch AC/DC adaptor
K24842K24-842 Point Switch AC/DC adaptor

KATO N Gauge 24-842 Point Switch. 12v DC point switch. Just clips together to to the Kato point switches to allow you to power them from transformers made by other manufacturers.  In Stock

K24-843 Power adaptor cord
K24843K24-843 Power adaptor cord

KATO N Gauge K24-843 Power adaptor cord - allows you to power Kato Unitrack from another manufacturers power supply.  In Stock


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