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Kato Unitrack is a highly durable snap together trackage system that may be clipped together for a running session or more permanently mounted on a layout. The track is ballasted and all of the points are fitted with discrete motors within the ballast. All wiring just plugs in and the track is ideal for DCC operation.

All Minitrix and Fleischmann N gauge locomotives may operate over the tightest radius (R216).  Kato recommend that their high speed multiple units such as Eurostar, TGVs and bullet trains are run on larger radii curves.

We keep large stocks of Kato N Unitrack - we try to only show items that we have, in stock, on our website.  When items are missing we can usually source them in short order.


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K20-010 Straight
K20010K20-010 Straight

KATO N Gauge 20-010 Ground Level 186mm Straight Track Pack of 4 In Stock

K20-015 Straight with Ash Pit
K20015K20-015 Straight with Ash Pit

KATO N Gauge 20-015 Ground Level 186mm Straight Track with Inspection / Ash removal pit. Pack of 2 In Stock

K20-020 Straight
K20020K20-020 Straight

KATO N Gauge 20-020 Ground Level 124mm Straight Track. Pack of 4 In Stock

K20-030 Straight
K20030K20-030 Straight

KATO N Gauge 20-030 Ground Level 64mm Straight Track pack of 2 In Stock

K20-032  Magnetic uncoupler track
K20032K20-032 Magnetic uncoupler track

KATO N Gauge 20-032 Magnetic uncoupler track.  64mm. In Stock

K20-045 Straight
K20045K20-045 Straight

KATO N Gauge 20-045 Ground Level Single Conversion Track Pack of 2. Allows Kato track to join to Fleischmann, Roco, Minitrix and Peco Code 80 N track  In Stock

K20-046 Buffer
K20046K20-046 Buffer

KATO N Gauge 20-046 Ground Level Buffer Stop (Brick) on 62mm Straight. Pack of 2 In Stock

K20-048 Buffer
K20048K20-048 Buffer

KATO N Gauge 20-048 Ground Level Buffer Stop (Rail built) on 62mm Straight Pack of 2 In Stock

K20-050 Expansion track
K20050K20-050 Expansion track

KATO N Gauge 20-050 Expandable track section 78mm-108mm. In stock

K20-091 Single track assortment
K20091K20-091 Single track assortment

KATO N Gauge 20-091 Single track assortment 2 x 45mm straight + 4 x 29mm Straight. In Stock

K20-092 Single track assortment
K20092K20-092 Single track assortment

KATO N Gauge 20-092 Single track assortment 4 x 33mm straight + 4 x 38mm Straight In Stock

K20-101 Curves
K20101K20-101 Curves

KATO N Gauge 20-101 Ground Level Radius 249mm Curved Track 15o. Pack of 4  In Stock 

K20-111 Curves
K20111K20-111 Curves

KATO N Gauge 20-111 Ground Level Radius 282mm Curved Track 15o. Pack of 4 In Stock

K20-120 Curves
K20120K20-120 Curves

KATO N Gauge 20-120 Ground Level Radius 315mm Curved Track 45o. Pack of 4 In Stock

K20-121 Curves
K20121K20-121 Curves

KATO N Gauge 20-121 Ground Level Radius 315mm Curved Track 15o. Pack of 4 In Stock

K20-130 Curve
K20130K20-130 Curve

KATO N Gauge 20-130 Ground Level Radius 348mm Curved Track 15o.  Pack of 4 In Stock

K20-132 Curves
K20132K20-132 Curves

KATO N Gauge 20-132 Ground Level Radius 348mm Curved Track 45o. Pack of 4 In Stock

K20-140 Curves
K20140K20-140 Curves

KATO N Gauge 20-140 Ground Level Radius 381mm Curved Track 30o. Pack of 4  In Stock

K20-150 Curves
K20150K20-150 Curves

KATO N Gauge 20-150 Ground Level Radius 718mm Curved Track 15o. Pack of 4  In Stock

K20-160 Curves
K20160K20-160 Curves

KATO N Gauge 20-160 Ground Level Radius 481mm Curved Track 15o. Pack of 4 In Stock


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