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A Range of interesting HO  rolling stock from Austrian Specialist Jaegerndorfer
Jaegerndorfer NJaegerndorfer N

JC90001 OBB UIC-x coach
JC90001JC90001 OBB UIC-x coach

Jägerndorfer  JC90001 OBB UIC-X. 2nd class. EpIV HO In Stock

Special price £48 (rrp £73)

JC90001-1 OBB UIC-x coach
JC90001-1JC90001-1 OBB UIC-x coach

Jägerndorfer  JC90001-1 OBB UIC-X. 2nd class. New coach number EpIV HO In Stock

Special price £48 (rrp £73)

JC90002/3/3-1 OBB UIC-x coach
JC90002/3JC90002/3/3-1 OBB UIC-x coach

Jägerndorfer  JC90002/90003/90003-1 OBB UIC-X. Set of 3 coaches. EpIV HO In Stock

1 x 1st/2nd class 2 x 2nd class coaches with different numbers

Special price £139 (rrp £219)

JC90302 OBB UIC-x set of three coaches
JC90302JC90302 OBB UIC-x set of three coaches

Jägerndorfer  JC90302 OBB UIC-X. Set of 3. EpIV HO In Stock

Our Price £155 (rrp £210)

JC90402 OBB UIC-x set of three coaches
JC90402JC90402 OBB UIC-x set of three coaches

Jägerndorfer  JC90402 OBB UIC-X. Set of 3 Early production UIC-X (Different roof structure). 1 x 1st class and 2 x 2nd class EpIV HO In Stock


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