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Instructions for installing the LAN USB 64-bit driver software onto Windows 8tm

In Windows 8 on a 64 bit operating system, you must disable the Driver Signature Enforcement to install the 64 bit LAN USB drivers. Once the Driver Signature Enforcement is disabled the system will reboot, then you will be able to install the driver. The next time you shut down and restart your PC after this operation, the Driver Signature Enforcement will default back to enabled, but once the Dashboard Driver is installed for the first time, you can install a new version without having to disable it again in Windows.

To disable Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows 8

1. Open the Charms bar and select settings:

2.Select "Change PC Settings"

3. Select "General"

4. Scroll to the bottom of the General page and select "Restart now" under  "Advanced Start-Up"

5. Once the PC restarts, Select "Troubleshoot"

6. Select "Advanced Options"

7 Select "Start-Up Settings"

8. Select the "Restart" Button

9. Press either the F7 or number 7 key on your keyboard.  This disables the Driver Signature Enforcement to allow you to install the LAN USB or Li USB Windows 7 64bit Driver software.  

After pressing either key the PC will restart.  Once ready, log in as normal.  Go to "Control Panel".  Select "Devices and Printers".  Locate the LAN USB (or Li USB) and then click on "Properties", select "Install driver".  Now use browse to point the PC towards the Driver software location (Your CD drive).  The PC will now install the correct driver software

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