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1439 Houseboat Kit Blue
BU14391439 Houseboat Kit Blue

Busch 1439 Houseboat kit blue  OO/HOIn Stock

Pre coloured Laser-Cut Wood Kit - Light Blue, 14 x 4.5 x 3.8 cm

Sale £21 (rrp £34.50)

22227 DB Br42 Analog
T2222722227 DB Br42 Analog

TRIX  22227 DB Br42 Steam locomotive EpIII   HO In Stock

Summer sale £265  (rrp £365)

22398 DB AG Br152  Analog
T2239822398 DB AG Br152 Analog

TRIX  22398 DB AG Br152 Electric locomotive EpV/VI  HO In Stock
Smooth running, with a heavy diecast body for good traction - 21-pin decoder socket for easy conversion to DCC
Summer sale £145  (rrp £195)

22738 DB Et87 Railcar DCC Sound
T2273822738 DB Et87 Railcar DCC Sound

TRIX  22738 DB ET87 Railcar DCC Sound EpIII   HO In Stock

Summer sale £299  (rrp £425)

22792 DR Br75.4 DCC Sound
T2279222792 DR Br75.4 DCC Sound

TRIX  22792 DR Br75.4 Steam locomotive DCC Sound EpIII   HO In Stock

Summer sale £285  (rrp £375)

22872 DB Br193  DCC Sound
T2287222872 DB Br193 DCC Sound

TRIX  22872 DB Br193 Electric locomotive EpIV DCC Sound  HO In Stock

Summer sale £275  (rrp £385)

22877 DB Br78 DCC Sound
T2287722877 DB Br78 DCC Sound

TRIX  22877 DB Br78 Steam locomotive EpIII DCC Sound  HO In Stock

Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) class 78 (former Prussian class T18) steam tank locomotive. Version with three boiler domes (D-D-S), and a rectangular sand dome. Riveted water tanks, cab roof with a rectangular top part, triple headlights with DB Reflex glass lamps. Road number 78 507. Based in Essen. The locomotive looks as it did around 1965
Model: The locomotive has an mfx digital decoder and extensive sound functions. It has controlled high-efficiency propulsion with a flywheel, mounted in the boiler. 3 axles powered. Traction tires. The locomotive is constructed mostly of metal. A 72270 smoke generator can be installed in the locomotive. The triple headlights change over with the direction of travel. They and the smoke generator contact will work in conventional operation and can be controlled digitally. Dual red marker lights can be controlled separately in digital operation. The cab lighting can also be controlled in digital operation. Maintenance-free warm white and red LEDs are used for the lighting. The locomotive has numerous separately applied metal grab irons and piping. The minimum radius for operation is 360 mm / 14-3/16". Protective piston rod sleeves and brake hoses are included. Length over the buffers approximately 17 cm / 6-11/16".
Summer Sale £365 (rrp £450) - Sold out at Trix - last available at A&H

22978 OBB Rh694 DCC Sound
T2297822978 OBB Rh694 DCC Sound

TRIX  22978 OBB Rh694 Steam locomotive DCC Sound EpIII   HO In Stock

Summer sale £275  (rrp £365)

24136 AAE Sgns Stuttgart Soil Excavation Wagon Set of 2
T2413624136 AAE Sgns Stuttgart Soil Excavation Wagon Set of 2

TRIX  24136 AAE Sgns Stuttgart Soil Excavation Wagon Set of 2. EpVI  HO In Stock

Summer sale £95  (rrp £145)

33296 ÖBB Rh2095 Diesel Locomotive
RO3329633296 ÖBB Rh2095 Diesel Locomotive

 Roco  33296 ÖBB Rh2095 Diesel Locomotive  EpIV/V HOe In Stock

Special Offer £135 (rrp £175)

Sold out at Roco - Last available at A&H

334519 DRG Coach
L334519334519 DRG Coach

LILIPUT  L334519 DRG 2nd class coach. Type C4i Altenberg. Epoch II.  HO In Stock

rrp £41.90 Special Price £28.50

5224  DCC Control for colour light Block signal
VN52245224 DCC Control for colour light Block signal

 Viessmann  5224 DCC Control for colour light Block signal. In Stock

The module offers an integrated digital decoder (Märklin-Motorola, NMRA-DCC) and is used to control 2 colour light signals (one home signal and one distant signal) with LEDs and a common plus pole or bulbs, provided they do not draw more than 200 mA in total. Therefore it is suitable for all signals scale 0 up to Z (except for the Viessmann signals with multiplex-technology). It can be activated in conventional mode via the push button panels item-No. 5545, 5546 and 5547 or via a digital signal. It is equipped with Viessmann Signalbus and can be configured for the following applications: 2 or several aspect colour light signal: A 2-aspect home signal with the aspects proceed and stop requires the push button panel item-No. 5547 (for 4 signals) or a digital address. A signal with 3 or 4 aspects with the additional aspects proceed slowly and shunting permitted requires the push button panel item-No. 5546 (3-aspect, 2 signals) resp. item-No. 5545 (4-aspect, 2 signals) resp. a digital operation 2-aspect. Distant signal or block signal: By configuration as a block signal the module responds automatically to the status of the corresponding track sector. This works only in conjunction with track occupancy detectors with continuous output. Per signal sector up to 2 track sectors are required. In this mode the module changes automatically to proceed if the following sector is clear (un-occupied). If one of the two sectors is occupied, the module switches to stop. Own distant signal or distant signal on the same mast: The signal module controls the main signal and the corresponding distant signal or the distant signal of a following main signal mounted on the same mast. In that case the distant signal will show the dark aspect when the main signal shows stop. Interrupt track supply or switch on brake generator when stop aspect is shown: With the relay for automatic train control item-No. 5228 the module can stop trains automatically either by interrupting the track voltage in front of the signal or – more prototypical – with the digital brake module item-No. 5232 (Märklin Motorola) or a brake generator (for NMRA-DCC). Signal with aspects stop and proceed slowly: If required you can configure the module to permit these two aspects only. In that case the module can be activated via the push button panel item-No. 5547 or a digital address. Regardless if the module is triggered by push buttons or track contacts the logic always assures that the red button has preference if two or more devices provide conflicting commands. Soft change of signal aspects

rrp £59.00 Special Price £37.50
5400 /HE741132 Set of two Wiesel ISAF
HE7411325400 /HE741132 Set of two Wiesel ISAF

Minitanks 5400 /HE741132 Set of two Wiesel one with TOW missile system the other with a cannon ISAF HO In Stock

rrp £27.95 Special £13.50
61492 DRG E52 train pack DCC Sound
RO6149261492 DRG E52 train pack DCC Sound

 Roco  61492 DRG E52 Electric Locomotive.  DCC Sound  Plus 6 suitable wagons EpII HO In Stock
Train set with the electric locomotive E 52 22 and goods train of the German State Railroad Company (DRG).

The train set contains the electric locomotive E 52 22, a covered goods wagon type Gr, a open goods wagon loaded with trunks type O, a hinged-lid wagon type K, a stake wagon loaded with turf type Rs, a tank wagon and a caboose.

■ Classic goods train of the Epoch II
■ Metal wheels with fine spokes
■ Functional replica of the jackshaft
■ Finest spoked metal wheels
■ Switchable driver’s cab lighting
■ FLEISCHMANN PROFI plug-in coupling for replacement is included
■ Sound in cooperation with Leosoundlab

In the first procurement plan for new vehicles of the German Reichsbahn, subdivision Bavaria, was also an electric locomotive for the heavy passenger traffic listed that was to be operated on the electrified lines in Bavaria. Numerous designs were considered and a 2‘BB2’ locomotive was chosen. The engine was placed in two sections on a continuous frame. Each section contained two motors that together powered an axle drive shaft with gears. This again drives a jackshaft with angled crankshafts that is coupled with coupling rods to two drive shafts. Not to exceed the maximum allowed axle load the machines were each equipped with a two axel pivoted forward bogie or a pivoted bypass bogie. The locomotive chassis was built onto the frame with the two driver's cabs at the end. The body was built by Maffei and the electric equipment was supplied by WASSEG which was a joint venture of two companies, AEG and SSW.
New item 2021
Our Price £485 (rrp £550)

64914 DB AG Coach
RO6491464914 DB AG Coach

 Roco  64914 DB AG Baggage Coach coach. type Dms 905 EpV HO  In Stock

Special Offer £36 (rrp£54)

67403 AAE Double container wagon Giezendanner
RO6740367403 AAE Double container wagon Giezendanner

 Roco  67403 AAE Double container wagon Giezendanner. EpVI  HO  In Stock

Sold out at Roco - last available at A&H Special Price £78.50  (rrp £90.00)

67699 DB  Wagon
RO6769967699 DB Wagon

 Roco  67699 DB Stake wagon. Type R10 with Timber load. EpIII HO In Stock

rrp £33.60 Special £22.95

70485 ÖBB Rh1116
RO7048570485 ÖBB Rh1116

 Roco  70485S ÖBB Rh1116 Electric locomotive 60 years of Roco DCC sound EpVI. HO In Stock
Fitted with Roco Spare sound decoder part 129000 

Special Price £289  (rrp £355)
New Item 2020 - Sold out at Roco (by pre-order) - Last available at A&H


73093 ÖBB Rh1041 DCC Sound
RO7309373093 ÖBB Rh1041 DCC Sound

 Roco  73093 ÖBB Rh1041 Electric Locomotive.  DCC Sound EpIV HO In Stock

New item 2021
Our Price £199 (rrp £290)

76194 DB 2 x track wagons
RO7619476194 DB 2 x track wagons

 Roco  76194 DB Set of 2 Flat wagons with track load EpIII HO In Stock

rrp £74.00 Special £57.50


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