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28030 Rh1047 Liszt
JC2803028030 Rh1047 Liszt

Jägerndorfer  JC28030S GySEV Rh1047 503-6 Franz Liszt.DCC Sound Ep6  HO In Stock

Fitted with close coupling system, High intensity light function. Fitted with an ESU Loksound  DCC Sound decoder with 25 Functions F0-F24.

31032 ÖBB Rh399.06 Train pack DCC Sound HOe
RO3103231032 ÖBB Rh399.06 Train pack DCC Sound HOe

 Roco  31032 ÖBB  RH399.06  Narrow Gauge Steam train pack. DCC Sound EpIV. HOe In Stock

New item 2020
Our Price £419 (rrp £470)

Train set with steam locomotive class 399, equipped with sounddecoder, with an mixed passenger train of the Austrian Federal Railways.

The train set contains the steam locomotive 399.06, a box goods wagon, two roll wagons that carry two open goods wagons and a passenger coach as caboose.

■ Typical train replica of a mixed train, as it coined the image of the narrow gauge railways in the Waldviertel for a long time
■ Steam locomotive 399.06 with sound available for the first time
■ Sound in cooperation with Leosoundlab

HOe  = 1:87 scale running on 9mm track gauge 

33290 ÖBB Rh2095.04 HOe
RO3329033290 ÖBB Rh2095.04 HOe

 Roco  33290 ÖBB Rh2095.04 Narrow Gauge Diesel Locomotive.  EpIII. HOe In Stock

Sold out at Roco - last available at A&H
Our Price £129.50 (rrp £175)

New tooling 2018 with LED lighting. 
The prototype for this locomotive class was built by the Simmering Graz Pauker Werken in 1958 The design was intended for  760mm gauge track and featured a 600hp diesel motor and coupled drive wheels in two bogies - The ÖBB was impressed with the traction and acceleration the loco gave.  15 locomotives were built and operated up until 2015 

HOe  = 1:87 scale running on 9mm track gauge 

52506 DB AG Br232
RO5250652506 DB AG Br232

 Roco  52506 DB AG Br232 Diesel Locomotive. EpV. HO In Stock

Our Price £79.50 (rrp £110) 

61458 K.K.St.B.  Steam Train Pack DCC Sound
RO6145861458 K.K.St.B. Steam Train Pack DCC Sound

 Roco  61458 K.K.St.B. Steam Train Pack "Kaiserzeit" DCC Sound EpI HO In Stock

Imperial Austrian State Railways Rh85 Steam locomotive with three wagons.  Loco fitted with LED lamps front and rear.  DCC Sound by Zimo with recordings taken from a preserved Bavarian locomotive of this type.
Sold out at Roco - Last available at A&H

61471 K.Bay.Sts.B. S3/6 with Royal Coach
RO6147161471 K.Bay.Sts.B. S3/6 with Royal Coach

 Roco  61471 K.Bay.Sts.B. S3/6 Steam Locomotive with the Prince Regents Royal Coach. EpI. HO In Stock

New item 2019
A&H Price £375 (rrp £420)

2 piece set with steam locomotive class S 3/6 and “Prinzregenten” coach of the Royal Bavarian State Railways (Königliche Bayerische Staats-Eisenbahnen or K.Bay.Sts.B.).
■ Version S 3/6 3618 is painted with the very popular blue colour
■ Finely detailed model with perfectly matching saloon coach and delicately printed interior furnishing
With the steam locomotive of the S 3/6 series, the K.Bay.Sts.B. received an extremely powerful and state-of-the-art. Locomotives of this class were constructed up until 1931. They were designed to haul 400 tonnes, which was 10 express train passenger coaches, at the time.The S3/6 had a top speed of about 135 km / h. The class was renowned for smooth running - this was achieved with large diameter driving wheels, a four cylinder compound drive and superheated steam.. The fuel consumption was also kept low, so after only a few years of operation it was still possible to manage even longer distances of more than 800 kilometers. S3/6 No.3618 was considered a parade locomotive and received this Royal blue paint scheme.
The Prince regent coach was especially constructed on the request of the Royal household as they demanded a coach with the comfort they expected.


Roco film:

62145 SNCF 150X DCC Sound
RO6214562145 SNCF 150X DCC Sound

 Roco  62145 SNCF 150X Steam locomotive DCC Sound EpII-III  HO  In Stock 

DRG Br44 locomotives were built in French factories under the occupation, the SNCF recovered 239 of these locomotive after the war. 226 were made serviceable becoming 150X1-226 in 1949/1950.  There were mainly allocated to the Nord and Est regions for heavy freight.  They lasted up until 1959 on the Nord region and 1965 on the Est region - many were sold on to Turkey.  Five of the French built machines are preserved, 4 in Germany and 1 in Turkey.

Special Offer £295 (rrp £370)  -sold out at Roco - last available at A&H

62215 DB Br24
RO6221562215 DB Br24

 Roco  62215 DB Br24 Steam locomotive  EpIII. HO In Stock

New Item 2020
Our Price  £209  (rrp £235) 


62508 Br 146.5 "Connex"
RO6250862508 Br 146.5 "Connex"

 Roco  62508 Br 146.5 "Connex" German open access EpV HO In Stock

New tool loco with LED headlights, tail lights and illuminated destination board

Clearance Price  £99  (rrp £149.50)

70320 DB AG Br193  Vectron DCC Sound
RO7032070320 DB AG Br193 Vectron DCC Sound

 Roco  70320 DB AG Br193 Vectron  Electric locomotive. "I am European" DCC Sound EpVI. HO In Stock

New Item 2020
Special Price £249 (rrp £275) 

70752 DB Br215 Diesel Locomotive
RO7075270752 DB Br215 Diesel Locomotive

 Roco  70752 DB Br215 Diesel Locomotive DCC Sound EpIV HO In Stock

70980 DB V100 DCC sound
RO7098070980 DB V100 DCC sound

 Roco  70980 DB V100 Diesel Locomotive. DCC Sound EpIII. HO In Stock

Our Price £165 (rrp £185) 

72016 DB Br333 DCC Sound
RO7201672016 DB Br333 DCC Sound

 Roco  72016 DB Br333 Diesel Locomotive. DCC Sound and uncoupling EpIV. HO In Stock

Diesel locomotive class 333 of the German Federal Railways, Epoch IV.

5 pole motor with flywheel. Drive on one axle. LED headlights that change over with the direction of travel. Digitally switchable electric coupling. Model with onboard decoder and digitally switchable sound and light functions

■ Complete new construction
■ With a new developed electronic coupling for the first time
■ Rich detailing on the model with many separately attached plug-in parts and freestanding handles
■ Model in true to the original light and sound functions 

New Item 2020
Our Price £229 (rrp £255) 

72261 K.P.E.V. G10
RO7228972261 K.P.E.V. G10

 Roco  72261 K.P.E.V. G10 Steam locomotive  EpI. HO In Stock

New Item 2020
Our Price  £195  (rrp £215) 

72293 SBB Ae3/6 DCC Sound
RO7229372293 SBB Ae3/6 DCC Sound

 Roco  72293 SBB Ae3/6 Electric Locomotive. DCC Sound EpII/III. HO In Stock

New item  2019 - Sold out at Roco - Last available at A&H
Our Price £275 (rrp £305)

72813 SNCF 030DB   DCC Sound
RO7281372813 SNCF 030DB DCC Sound

 Roco  72813 SNCF 030DB Diesel locomotive.  DCC Sound  EpIII. HO In Stock

Diesel locomotive class 030-DB of the French State Railways.

* Delicate freestanding handles
* SNCF version available for the first time !

At the end of the Second World War ten locomotives of the German Type WR 360 C 14 remained in France. There they were mainly used for shunting services in the north of the country and operated until 1973.

New Item 2020 
Our Price £199 (rrp £225)

73005 SNCF CC72000   DCC Sound
RO7300573005 SNCF CC72000 DCC Sound

 Roco  73005 SNCF CC72000 Diesel locomotive.  DCC Sound  EpIV. HO In Stock

Model with digital decoder and digitally switchable sound and light functions as well as buffer capacitor for uninterruptible power supply.
■ Mobile fan rotors in the roof fan
■ Model with many separately applied plug-in parts which are partially etched
■ Version with round logo
In order to have enough fast train locomotives for the use on non-electrified lines in their vehicle fleet, the French State Railways (SNCF) ordered the new diesel locomotives of the series CC 72000 in 1965. The design of the locomotives with the characteristic prominent "nez cassé" (broken nose) was created by the frenchman Paul Arzens, who at that time was also responsible for the design of several other SNCF locomotives. Due to the beginning oil crisis in 1973, the commissioning of the CC 72000 ended and operation was only carried out with the 92 already existing diesel locomotives.
New Item 2020 
Our Price £245 (rrp £275)

73017 FS875 045 Steam locomotive
RO7301773017 FS875 045 Steam locomotive

 Roco  73017 FS875 045 Steam locomotive  EpIII. HO In Stock

New Item 2020
Our Price  £147  (rrp £165) 

73052 K.Bay.Sts.B. Pt 2/3
RO7305273052 K.Bay.Sts.B. Pt 2/3

 Roco  73052 K.Bay.Sts.B. Pt2/3 Steam Locomotive. EpI. HO In Stock

New item 2019 
Our Price £193.50 (rrp £215)

Steam locomotive type Pt 2/3 of the Royal Bavarian State Railways, Epoch I.

97 locos built between 1909 and 1915 by Krauss - Their unusual wheel arrangement made them light and economical.  The door in the rear of the cab allowed the fireman to perform the duties of a guard on light trains.  They were successful locomotives and used up until 1963.

In true to the original livery and lettering. In-plane applied windows. Fully movable delicate Heusinger control. Metal die-cast chassis.

■ In fine Bavarian livery and fine decorative stripes
■ Perfectly matches the passenger cars 74900–74902 and the goods wagons 76094 and 76774

175 years of the Royal Bavarian Railways

73286 SBB Re460 DCC Sound
RO7328673286 SBB Re460 DCC Sound

 Roco  73286 SBB Re460 Electric Locomotive.  DCC Sound Ep6 HO In Stock

■ Visually revised model with separately applied wipers is now available for the first time 
■ True to original Swiss light changeover 
■ With a separately applied SBB logo and an additional front handle

New item 2019 - Sold out at Roco - Last available at A&H
Our Price £259 (rrp £290)


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