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The Epochs are guidelines - there was a long period of transition between each time period as stock would be left until a major overhaul before it was repainted.

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HO 1:87 Items in stock - arranged by era (Plus some general items below):
Era 1 (Epoch I)Era 1 (Epoch I)
Era 2 (Epoch II)Era 2 (Epoch II)
Era 3 (Epoch III)Era 3 (Epoch III)
Era 4 (Epoch IV)Era 4 (Epoch IV)
Era 5 (Epoch V)Era 5 (Epoch V)
Era 6 (Epoch VI)Era 6 (Epoch VI)
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76459 DB Car transport wagon EpIV
RO7645976459 DB Car transport wagon EpIV

 Roco  76459 DB Car transport wagon with 10 x VW1500 cars EpIV  HO  In Stock

76476 ERR Rilnss Bogie Tarpaulin Wagon VI
RO7647676476 ERR Rilnss Bogie Tarpaulin Wagon VI

 Roco  76476 ERR Rilnss Tarpaulin wagon. EpVI  HO  In Stock

76484 SNCF Sliding Wall Bogie Van
RO7648476484 SNCF Sliding Wall Bogie Van

 Roco  76484 SNCF Sliding Wall Van. EpV  HO  In Stock

76491 SBB sliding wall wagon
RO7649176491 SBB sliding wall wagon

 Roco  76491 SBB Sliding wall wagon. EpVI  HO  In Stock

76536 NACCO Slurry wagon
RO7653676536 NACCO Slurry wagon

 Roco  76536 DB AG NACCO slurry tank wagon. EpVI  HO  In Stock

76537 Ermewa Slurry wagon
RO7653776537 Ermewa Slurry wagon

 Roco  76537 Ermewa slurry tank wagon. EpV  HO  In Stock

76541 DB AG GATX Slurry wagon
RO7654176541 DB AG GATX Slurry wagon

 Roco  76541 DB AG GATX slurry tank wagon. EpVI  HO  In Stock

76542 Ermewa Slurry wagon
RO7654276542 Ermewa Slurry wagon

 Roco  76542 Ermewa slurry tank wagon. EpVI  HO  In Stock

76583 SBB Hopper Wagon
RO7658376583 SBB Hopper Wagon

 Roco  76583 SBB Tds Hopper Wagon.  EpVI  HO  In Stock

76618 DB VTG wagon EpIV
RO7661876618 DB VTG wagon EpIV

 Roco  76618 DB VTG Solvent Tank wagon EpIV  HO  In Stock


76704 VTG Dust Silo wagon
RO7670476704 VTG Dust Silo wagon

 Roco  76704 VTG Dust Silo Wagon.  EpVI  HO  In Stock

76706 ERMD Dust Silo wagon
RO7670676706 ERMD Dust Silo wagon

 Roco  76706 ERMD Dust Silo Wagon.  EpVI  HO  In Stock

76707 Ermewa Dust Silo wagon
RO7670776707 Ermewa Dust Silo wagon

 Roco  76707 Ermewa Dust Silo Wagon.  EpVI  HO  In Stock

76780 DB Danzas wagon EpIV
RO7678076780 DB Danzas wagon EpIV

 Roco  76780 DB Danzas Tank wagon EpIV  HO  In Stock


76874 SBB Flumroc Hbbilns Sliding Wall Wagon
RO7687476874 SBB Flumroc Hbbilns Sliding Wall Wagon

 Roco  76874 SBB Flumroc Hbbilns Sliding Wall wagon. EpVI  HO  In Stock

76943 SBB Container Wagon
RO7694376943 SBB Container Wagon

 Roco  76943 SBB Sgnss Container Wagon. Holchim EpVI  HO  In Stock

76971 SBB Mitrag wagon EpV/VI
RO7697176971 SBB Mitrag wagon EpV/VI

 Roco  76971 SBB Mitrag Tank wagon EpV/VI  HO  In Stock


AB-023 AMX30D Recovery tank
REE AB-023AB-023 AMX30D Recovery tank

 REE Modeles  WAB-023 AMX 30D Armoured Recovery Vehicle   EpIV  HO  In Stock

New Item 2020

AB-024 AMX30B Tank
REE AB-024AB-024 AMX30B Tank

 REE  Modeles  WAB-024 AMX 30B Main Battle tank   EpIV  HO  In Stock

New Item 2020

ArtiTec 2015706 NS Plan E Post Coach
ATT2015706ArtiTec 2015706 NS Plan E Post Coach

 ArtiTec 20.157.06 NS Plan E Post coach. Dark Blue Livery  EpIV HO In Stock
Accurate scale model.
Fully decorated interior.
Close Coupling kinematic mechanism with NEM coupling pocket - supplied with Roco style hoop coupling.



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