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The Epochs are guidelines - there was a long period of transition between each time period as stock would be left until a major overhaul before it was repainted.

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HO 1:87 Items in stock - arranged by era (Plus some general items below):
Era 1 (Epoch I)Era 1 (Epoch I)
Era 2 (Epoch II)Era 2 (Epoch II)
Era 3 (Epoch III)Era 3 (Epoch III)
Era 4 (Epoch IV)Era 4 (Epoch IV)
Era 5 (Epoch V)Era 5 (Epoch V)
Era 6 (Epoch VI)Era 6 (Epoch VI)
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WBA-028DE004 SNCF Tank transport wagon with load
REE WBA-028WBA-028DE004 SNCF Tank transport wagon with load

 REE Modeles  WBA-028DE004 SNCF Tank transport wagon. No.99596. Type Ssym46. With Alstom Generator load.  EpIII  HO  In Stock
Former DRB heavy duty wagon. Designed to carry 80T tanks for the German army they became very important in peacetime reconstruction.
Model fitted with NEM362 coupler pockets on a close coupling mechanism and supplied with Roco style couplers. 

New Item  2020

XB-015 Set of 4 luggage trolleys SNCF Green / Yellow
REE XB-015XB-015 Set of 4 luggage trolleys SNCF Green / Yellow

 REE Modeles  XB-015 Set of 4 luggage trolleys SNCF Green / yellow EpIII-IV HO In Stock

XB-018 Destination Board for postale car NORD 1 - RAL 3005
REE XB-018XB-018 Destination Board for postale car NORD 1 - RAL 3005

 REE Modeles  XB-018 Destination Board for postal car NORD - RAL 3005  HO In Stock

XB-062 Road rail containers
REE XB-062XB-062 Road rail containers

 REE Modeles  XB-062 Set of two road/rail transport containers. REE  HO In Stock

XB-106 B 02 SNCF bogie set
REE XB-106 B 02XB-106 B 02 SNCF bogie set

 REE Modeles  XB-106 B 02 SNCF Set of 2 x Y2 bogies with SKF Bearings. Slate Grey. HO In Stock

Designed as a replacement bogie set for older coaches. Can also be used as a wagon load.


XB-501 SNCF Lanterns
REE XB-501XB-501 SNCF Lanterns

 REE Modeles  XB-501 SNCF End of train lanterns Yellow. pack of 6. EpIV/V HO  In Stock

With light leader so may be illuminated with some ingenuity

XCB-001 Tyres for trucks
REE XCB-001XCB-001 Tyres for trucks

 REE Modeles  XCB-001 Tyres for trucks. Ideal for loads or scenic dioramas HO In Stock

Rubber tyres from the REE range - assortment of approximately 36 in three sizes


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