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Full range of Profi-couplings and accessories are available


Fleischmann 2020 track catalogue HO and N

Straight TrackStraight Track
Curved TrackCurved Track
Points and CrossingsPoints and Crossings
Electrical  and AccessoriesElectrical and Accessories
Fleischmann N unballasted track (Roco)Fleischmann N unballasted track (Roco)

640000 Profi Track Universal point motor for HO and N
FL640000640000 Profi Track Universal point motor for HO and N

Fleischmann 640000 point motor    In Stock 

Point motor for all Fleischmann HO and N Points and Double Slips.

640000 Replaces all Fleischmann point motors - 942101, 942201, 644110 and 644210
6410 Track fixing screws box of 144
FL64106410 Track fixing screws box of 144

Fleischmann 6410 Track fixing screws box of 144  In Stock

66623 Wheel cleaning brush
TR6662366623 Wheel cleaning brush

MINITRIX 66623 Wheel cleaning brush N Gauge In Stock

Over 50% off
6921 Switch for Signal
FL69216921 Switch for Signal
6921 Switch for Signal In Stock
6923 Switch for Lighting
FL69236923 Switch for Lighting
6923 Switch for lighting In Stock
6924 Train Reverse control switch
FL69246924 Train Reverse control switch
6924 Train Reverse control switch In Stock
6927 Control switch for two semaphore signals
FL69276927 Control switch for two semaphore signals
6927 Control switch for two semaphore signals In Stock
9102 Straight track
FL91029102 Straight track

9102 Straight Track 57.5mm  N Gauge In Stock

9114 Manual uncoupler track
FL91149114 Manual uncoupler track

FLEISCHMANN  9114 Manual Uncoupler Track 111mm  N Gauge In Stock

RRP £11.50 Special Price £7.45
9115 Reed contact track
FL91159115 Reed contact track

9115 Straight Track with Reed Contact Switch.  Switch is closed by a magnet mounted on a wagon  N Gauge In Stock

9120 Curved track R1
FL91209120 Curved track R1

9120 Curved Track Radius 1 192mm (45 deg) N Gauge In Stock

9125 Curved Track R2
FL91259125 Curved Track R2

9125 Curved Track Radius 2 225.6mm (45 Deg)  N Gauge In Stock

9130 Curved Track R3
FL91309130 Curved Track R3

9130 Curved Track Radius 3 396.4mm (30 Deg)  N Gauge In Stock

9131 Curved track R3
FL91319131 Curved track R3

9131 Curved Track Radius 3 396.4mm (15 Deg)  N Gauge  In Stock

9161 Crossing
FL91619161 Crossing

9161 Crossing 115mm (30 Deg) N Gauge In Stock

9162 Crossing L/H
FL91629162 Crossing L/H

9162 Left Crossing 111mm (15 Deg). N Gauge In Stock

9170  Standard point L/H
FL91709170 Standard point L/H

9170 Standard L/H Point Manual  N Gauge In Stock

9178 Standard Point Electrofrog L/H
FL91789178 Standard Point Electrofrog L/H

9178 Standard L/H Point Manual (Conducting Frog)  N Gauge In Stock

9199 Analog reverse loop set
FL91999199 Analog reverse loop set

9199 Reversing Loop Set.  For 12v DC analog layouts.  N Gauge In Stock
Not suitable for DCC Digital layouts

rrp £48.00  Special Price £29.95


9403 Insulated rail joiners
FL94039403 Insulated rail joiners

9403 Plastic Rail Joiners Pack of 12 for Fleischmann N Profi-Track N Gauge In Stock


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