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Well the sad news is that Fleischmann HO will draw to a close in 2019 - The Fleischmann HO range has now been absorbed by the Roco Brand
HO Gauge TrackHO Gauge Track
Fleischmann HO Spare Parts & AccessoriesFleischmann HO Spare Parts & Accessories

61458 K.K.St.B.  Steam Train Pack DCC Sound
RO6145861458 K.K.St.B. Steam Train Pack DCC Sound

 Roco  61458 K.K.St.B. Steam Train Pack "Kaiserzeit" DCC Sound EpI HO In Stock

Imperial Austrian State Railways Rh85 Steam locomotive with three wagons.  Loco fitted with LED lamps front and rear.  DCC Sound by Zimo with recordings taken from a preserved Bavarian locomotive of this type.
New Item 2018  - Sold out at Roco - Last available at A&H

567621 Express Coach
FL567621567621 Express Coach

FLEISCHMANN 567621 DB 1st/2nd Class Coach  EpIV  HO In Stock

rrp £49.00  Special Offer £39.95

567704 Express Coach
FL567704567704 Express Coach

FLEISCHMANN 567704 DB 2nd Class Coach Type B4ywe 30/50 EpIV  HO In Stock

rrp £49.00  Special Offer £39.95

131952 SBB B3/4 DCC Sound
L131952SOUND131952 SBB B3/4 DCC Sound

LILIPUT  L131952 SBB B3/4 Steam Locomotive. DCC Sound EpIII  HO In Stock

Fitted with ESU LokSound V4.0 Sound decoder with 25 Sound functions
The model features full  Warm White LED lighting.    The loco can negotiate curves down to 356mm radius.

The model is supplied with hoop couplers in an NEM coupler pocket - we can supply different couplings if needed (Fleischmann, Roco, Trix...)

521609 NS wagon
FL521609521609 NS wagon

FLEISCHMANN 521609 NS Open wagon type GTM. EpIII HO In Stock

523606 Wagon
FL523606523606 Wagon

FLEISCHMANN 523606 Zeche Zollern mine S14 flat wagon loaded with ten coal mine trucks EpIII HO In Stock

536602 DRG  wagon
FL536602536602 DRG wagon

FLEISCHMANN 536602 DRG Stettin Box wagon. EpII HO In Stock

542902 Wagon
FL542902542902 Wagon

FLEISCHMANN 542902 NS Tank Wagon "Pieter Bon" EpIII HO In Stock

61471 K.Bay.Sts.B. S3/6 with Royal Coach
RO6147161471 K.Bay.Sts.B. S3/6 with Royal Coach

 Roco  61471 K.Bay.Sts.B. S3/6 Steam Locomotive with the Prince Regents Royal Coach. EpI. HO In stock

New item March 2019
A&H Price £375 (rrp £420)

2 piece set with steam locomotive class S 3/6 and “Prinzregenten” coach of the Royal Bavarian State Railways (Königliche Bayerische Staats-Eisenbahnen or K.Bay.Sts.B.).
■ Version S 3/6 3618 is painted with the very popular blue colour
■ Finely detailed model with perfectly matching saloon coach and delicately printed interior furnishing
With the steam locomotive of the S 3/6 series, the K.Bay.Sts.B. received an extremely powerful and state-of-the-art. Locomotives of this class were constructed up until 1931. They were designed to haul 400 tonnes, which was 10 express train passenger coaches, at the time.The S3/6 had a top speed of about 135 km / h. The class was renowned for smooth running - this was achieved with large diameter driving wheels, a four cylinder compound drive and superheated steam.. The fuel consumption was also kept low, so after only a few years of operation it was still possible to manage even longer distances of more than 800 kilometers. S3/6 No.3618 was considered a parade locomotive and received this Royal blue paint scheme.
The Prince regent coach was especially constructed on the request of the Royal household as they demanded a coach with the comfort they expected.


Roco film:

61475 K.P.E.V. T3 Train Pack
RO6147561475 K.P.E.V. T3 Train Pack

 Roco  61475 K.P.E.V. T3 Steam Locomotive + 4 coaches. Train pack. EpIV. HO In Stock

New item August 2019 
Our Price £265 (rrp £290)

One time series 2019 - Steam locomotive T3 and passenger train of the Royal Prussian State Railways.

■ Authentic and finely detailed train of the K.P.E.V.
■ Dual front headlights
■ Fleischmann Profi Couplings
■ Classic model from the FLEISCHMANN range

The Royal Prussian State Railways (K.P.E.V), was supplied very early with the steam locomotives of the type T3. The type T3 locomotives were triple-coupled tender locomotives, which reached a top speed of around 40 km / h (25mph). They were ideally suited for the use on branch lines. The locomotives did not only operate for the Prussian State Railways, since more than 1300 locomotives had been produced by Henschel.

631881 DB Br98.75 DCC Start set
FL631881631881 DB Br98.75 DCC Start set

FLEISCHMANN 631881 DB Br98.75 plus goods train DCC Starter set.  EpIII HO In Stock 

Digital starter set: Locomotive BR 98.75 and goods train of the Deutsche Bundesbahn (Db). Epoch III. Contents: - 1 digitally controlled steam locomotive with DCC decoder and light changeover that switches with the direction of travel - 2 goods wagons - 1 FLEISCHMANN multiMaus - 1 z21start* - 1 plug-in power supply - PROFI tracks (2 x 6101, 10 x 6120) - 1 rerailer 6480 - Electrical connection elements. Length of train: 310 mm. Dimensions of track layout: 96 cm x 40 cm * 
74900  K.Bay.Sts.B. Coach
RO7490074900 K.Bay.Sts.B. Coach

 Roco  74900 K.Bay.Sts.B. 2nd/3rd Class Coach. EpI. HO In Stock

New item 2019 
Our Price £33 (rrp £38)


 175 years of the Royal Bavarian Railways

74901  K.Bay.Sts.B. Coach
RO7490174901 K.Bay.Sts.B. Coach

 Roco  74901 K.Bay.Sts.B. 3rd Class Coach. EpI. HO In Stock

New item 2019 
Our Price £33 (rrp £38)


 175 years of the Royal Bavarian Railways

74902  K.Bay.Sts.B. Coach
RO7490274902 K.Bay.Sts.B. Coach

 Roco  74902 K.Bay.Sts.B. Baggage Coach. EpI. HO In Stock

New item 2019 
Our Price £33 (rrp £38)


 175 years of the Royal Bavarian Railways

76774  K.Bay.Sts.B. wagon with barrels
RO7677476774 K.Bay.Sts.B. wagon with barrels

 Roco  76774 K.Bay.Sts.B. Stake wagon with barrel load. EpI. HO Sold

New item 2019 
Our Price £29.50 (rrp £32.50)


 175 years of the Royal Bavarian Railways

MB-004.1  SNCF exPLM 231 K 8
REE MB-004.1MB-004.1 SNCF exPLM 231 K 8

 MB-004.1 SNCF ex-PLM 231 K Pacific. EpV/VI. Loco with Double chimney, large smoke deflectors, bi-compound ACFI Feedwater heater. NORD tender. SNCF Lined Green.  HO In Stock 

Re-run of this popular model 2018

2-231 K 8 Preserved condition

Technical characteristics:

2-rail DC (Analog) Model
Model constructed from more than 550 pieces
Delicacy and robustness of materials
Numerous fine metal detail pieces
Chassis and boiler in metal
Sprung buffers
Minimum radius : 410 mm  
(Fleischmann R2 420mm, Roco R3 419.6mm, Peco R2 438mm)
LED Lighting
Fitted with a 21-pin interface

MB-075W  SNCF Track inspection Railcar DU-65 Plus works wagons
REE MB-075WMB-075W SNCF Track inspection Railcar DU-65 Plus works wagons

   MB-075W SNCF Track Inspection Train Pack.  DU-65 Railcar Plus 2 x works wagons.   HO  In Stock

Special works train pack - Save £45

DU-65 6.044 NORD EpV SNCF Logo nouille Plus 2 works wagons

Technical characteristics:
2-rail DC (Analog) Model
Completely hidden motor
Model constructed from more than 170 pieces
Delicacy and robustness of materials
Numerous fine metal detail pieces
Rear Coupling - NEM363 wedge coupler pocket on a close coupling mechanism
Minimum radius : 360 mm
LED directional headlights and interior lighting

REE MB-089S MOYSE 32 TDE Origin, SNCF Green 306, Marchal lights - DCC Sound
REE MB-089SREE MB-089S MOYSE 32 TDE Origin, SNCF Green 306, Marchal lights - DCC Sound

REE Modeles MB-089S SNCF Locotracteur MOYSE 32 TDE Origin, SNCF Green 306, Marchal lights -DCC Sound. EpIII  HO In Stock
New model 2018 - Sold out at REE - Last Available at A&H

Model is as realistic as possible.
3D scanning of the original locomotives will produce an accurate shape.
Metal Chassis and ABS body for weight and durability
2 axles driven using a high quality, silent motor.
3 point suspension to give the best running characteristics for such a small vehicle.
Ultra detailed cab with no intrusion from the mechanism.
LED lighting for headlights.
Zimo DCC Sound decoder with original recording of the loco.  Fitted with a powerpack for smooth power supply "Stay Alive"


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