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Good news for all Fleischmann Twin Centre customers - We are now importing Uhlenbrock Digital who originally manufactured the system.
This means that LocoNet, Boosters and Point Switching Modules are now available as well as many new products.

New Fleischmann 2019 catalogue announced - link to PDF file
Fleischmann HOFleischmann HO
Fleischmann NFleischmann N
Fleischmann Electrical Equipment & DCC DigitalFleischmann Electrical Equipment & DCC Digital
DCC Conversion ServiceDCC Conversion Service

2000 Metal Fleischmann nameplate for displays
FL20002000 Metal Fleischmann nameplate for displays

FLEISCHMANN Metal Fleischmann name plate for displays 50mm long x 15mm high In Stock

2001 Leather Bookmark Red
FL20012001 Leather Bookmark Red

FLEISCHMANN Leather Bookmark Red In Stock

2002 Leather Bookmark Green
FL20022002 Leather Bookmark Green

FLEISCHMANN Leather Bookmark Green In Stock

2003 Leather Bookmark Blue
FL20032003 Leather Bookmark Blue

FLEISCHMANN Leather Bookmark Blue In Stock

2004 Leather Bookmark Black
FL20042004 Leather Bookmark Black

FLEISCHMANN Leather Bookmark Black In Stock

2005 Leather Bookmark Grey
FL20052005 Leather Bookmark Grey

FLEISCHMANN Leather Bookmark Grey In Stock

6599 Fleischmann Oil
FL65996599 Fleischmann Oil

FLEISCHMANN 6599 Oil for lubricating locomotives - plastic safe In Stock

For lubricating rotating bearings - motor and gearbox bearings, axles and valve gear pins - use only a tiny drop so the oil remains where it should and doesn't get into areas like the motor commutator where it can make mischief  - too much oil will spill out and attract muck.
NB2011 Diecast Rail Zeppelin
MANB2011NB2011 Diecast Rail ZeppelinMärklin Die-cast Rail Zeppelin model - polished metal finish 1:220 Scale In Stock

NB2013 Diecast SBB Re4/4II
MANB2013NB2013 Diecast SBB Re4/4IIMärklin Die-cast SBB Re4/4II Chromed model 1:220 Scale In Stock

66626  Gear Grease
TR6662666626 Gear Grease

TRIX 66626 Special Gear grease for lubricating loco gearboxes.  13g tube In Stock

EU/UK Plug adaptor
2-3 PlugEU/UK Plug adaptor

EU 2 pin to UK 3pin Mains plug adaptor. In Stock


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