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Fleischmann offer one OO/HO range and two N gauge ranges of track.  The ballasted Profi track is incredibly easy to use and quick and effective to make a reliable working layout.  

Fleischmann curves are tight to allow the maximum track in a small space.  The Majority of Fleischmann and Trix locos are designed to be able to cope with these curves  (even 2-10-0s!).  Many Roco locos will also negotiate these tight curve comfortably but is worth looking at the manuals to see what the recommended minimum curves are.  Larger Roco models will negotiate R2 as a minimum.

With British models it is best to check with the manuals for each loco to see what the suggested minimum radii are.  Many will cope with R1 but larger locos will suggest R2 (or greater) as a minimum. In N Gauge few British models are designed to cope with the tight 192mm R1 - consult the manufacturer guidelines for minimum radii.
Fleischmann N Profi-track  (Ballasted)Fleischmann N Profi-track (Ballasted)
Fleischmann N Economy track Un-ballasted (ex-Roco N)Fleischmann N Economy track Un-ballasted (ex-Roco N)
Fleischmann OO/HO Profi Track (Ballasted)Fleischmann OO/HO Profi Track (Ballasted)

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