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FS637  Briar Patch Dry Brown
FS637FS637 Briar Patch Dry Brown

Woodland Scenics FS637 Briar Patch Dry Brown In Stock

Briar Patch makes it simple to model brambles, thickets and shrubbery.
FS638  Briar Patch Medium Green
FS638FS638 Briar Patch Medium Green

Woodland Scenics FS638 Briar Patch Medium Green In Stock

Briar Patch makes it simple to model brambles, thickets and shrubbery. 
FS642  Two x 9volt batteries
FS642FS642 Two x 9volt batteries

Woodland Scenics FS642 Pack of 2 x 9v Batteries for Static King and vac In Stock

FS643  Tuft-Tac
FS643FS643 Tuft-Tac

Woodland Scenics FS643 Tuft Tac adhesive In Stock

Tuft-Tac is a thick, high-tack adhesive. It holds its shape and is perfect for creating tufts of Static Grass or Field Grass. Tufts can be pre-made before being placed on a layout.
FS646 Accent Shakers
FS646FS646 Accent Shakers

Woodland Scenics FS646 Accent Shakers In Stock

Use Accent Shakers to easily apply Plant Hues and Flowers for interest, highlights and shadows. Each shaker is easy to fill, and the cap has multiple opening sizes for different application amounts.
NO08100 Static Grass Puffer Bottle
NO08100NO08100 Static Grass Puffer Bottle
 NOCH  08100 Static Grass Puffer Bottle  In Stock

Shake the bottle to create a static charge.  The bottle is an effective replacement to more expensive Static grass machines.  It works best on the shorter static grass fibres (2mm and 4mm)  Ideal for small layouts and dioramas.

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